Woody Harrelson blew it on Saturday Night Live

Woody Harrelson blew it on Saturday Night Live

Woody Harrelson had one brilliant remark in his fragmented monologue on Friday night’s broadcast of Saturday Night Live. One of the numerous tangential asides he made was about telling a friend—True Detective’s Nic Pizzolatto, whom Harrelson had visited in Austin the week before and who eats meat—how he starts smoking marijuana around noon and becomes increasingly stupid throughout the day. None of this was related to the speech, but it does demonstrate how windy those seven minutes were. The time in EST was around 11:40.
Maybe the writers were only making light of Harrelson’s image as a stoner. In fact, it was a running gag across several of the show’s parts. It would imply that the offence in the monologue was careless writing, leaving Harrelson hanging. The journey to Austin, the audience shout-out to his single, attractive manager/drug mule Jeremy, the trees in Central Park, his anarchist, Marxist, and deconstructionist leanings, and the seven months he went without alcohol last year are just a few things that stand out. That was disorganised, convoluted, dull, and, oof, humiliating. Uncle Woody has to go to bed because he is spouting nonsense.
But after that, everything went horribly wrong. All of his thoughts about the Volkswagen flower-decorated bus led up to his punchline about the incredible screenplay he had seen three years before. Take note of the following: The world’s largest drug gangs have bought all of the media and politicians. They are able to persuade a defenceless human species that it must remain in quarantine in order to survive by doing so. To get out of the lockdown, they must eat the cartel’s drugs. Uncle Woody has resumed email forwarding and is now on YouTube. Harrelson is a wonderful guy. His blue eyes are bright with hope. However, using the podium to present conspiracies masquerading as edgy comedy is exhausting and intellectually dishonest. Who invited this individual a sixth time?

After the monologue, the show never really recovered. Everything remained out of sync for some reason. Except for Jack White, who could be the father of Michael Longfellow, a new cast member, and Wednesday Addams. He long ago switched from a red and white to a dark blue colour scheme. Still loud, but becoming more intriguing. During the after-party, one imagines a red-faced Harrelson putting his arm over White’s shoulders and pleading with him to loosen up.
The recorded skits were unquestionably the greatest ones on the programme. Maybe they were recorded before noon? Harrelson discovers a package with a cheerful face and blue legs waiting for him on his porch in a parody of the Cologuard ad. He is providing Harrelson with a method to test for colon cancer. Harrelson only needs to defecate in him to return him to the lab.
Things begin to become bizarre as Thomas, the box who presents himself, starts to yearn for it. “I like what you’re about to do to me,” the box proclaims. It’s fun for both of us, so hurry up. Kenan Thompson’s character, the UPS guy, is also interested in watching. “Would you feel more comfortable going in me?” asks a woman-like box. As soon as Harrelson is surrounded by a horde of Cologuard boxes, one of their little blue arms reaches out to tap on the actor’s belt buckle.
Marjorie Taylor Greene was referred to as the “Georgia congresswoman and Cocaine Bear” in a hilarious joke on Weekend Update. In a passing piece titled “What Did They Even Do Wrong?” Michael Che responded to reports that R. Kelly and Harvey Weinstein had received additional terms for their various offences. It also had one depressingly bad joke.
After hearing the good news about a dropping conception rate, Heidi Gardner’s mother, who has four girls and one boy, came to the desk to talk about the pleasures of motherhood. They’re fine, my girls. Oh oh my god, I adore my kid, she said, sounding just like a Long Island mother waxing poetic over her troubled baby boy of 38. She questioned to herself, one eye drooping, “What was he doing?” “Oh! He was examining my wallet. He issues himself a 14 grand check! What is written in the memo by him? Saying, “Puttin’ up with Mother!”
A skit featuring a small mouse lifting weights in a luxurious gym was also interspersed throughout the evening. A tuxedoed Bowen Yang said during one of his few appearances that evening that this gym is so upscale that it should be called a James. During a stakeout, Ben Marshall of Please Don’t Destroy discovers that his two friends are lovers and parents who despise him. Kenan Thompson collapsed like a koala bear on the Mission Slingshot’s chest bar. Nonetheless, Harrelson appeared to be floating in a dreamy la la land. Scarlett Johansson appeared on stage during the cast’s farewells to present him with the 5-timer jacket he coveted throughout his speech. Should he pause to consider using it as a smoking jacket?

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