With the hiring of Jonathan Gannon, the Cardinals go with youth and inexperience.

With the hiring of Jonathan Gannon, the Cardinals go with youth and inexperience.

The Cardinals’ new head coach is Jonathan Gannon. In Arizona, he was the last person in the door and the last guy standing. That reveals a lot about his capacity to engross the audience.

He managed to make the Cardinals forget about Super Bowl LVII’s second half.

Gannon’s hiring is hazardous and premature. #Fire For the last two years, Gannon has been popular in Philadelphia. He was divisive in Philadelphia before his defence allowed the Chiefs to score 24 points in the second half. Before conceding surprisingly simple touchdowns after being horribly burnt twice in the red zone.

He is Michael Bidwill’s third rookie head coach hired in a row, and he is just 40 years old. According to reports, he plans to hire a 35-year-old Cleveland quarterbacks coach to serve as his offensive coordinator and another rookie to implement a new scheme and help Kyler Murray. What could possible go wrong with all much inexperience at such a young age?

The Cardinals have to steer clear of this situation specifically. Robert Sarver’s Suns, a team that recruited young, inexperienced, malleable, appreciative, and unsure people and gave them incredibly large roles, used the same business strategy that caused it to fail for over ten years.

The Cardinals, though, didn’t have many choices. Sean Payton ultimately decided against taking the position. Dan Quinn did not either. Evidently, Brian Flores didn’t either. The market response to the vacancy in Arizona should serve as a reality check for the whole club, whether of whether it’s a heavy-handed owner, the wounded quarterback, or the constant chaos in 2022.

Naturally, it’s conceivable that Gannon will prove to be a wise decision. After a 4-13 season, Bidwill has already taken two risky actions. He let Kliff Kingsbury go after swallowing a contract and confessing to a serious mistake. He chose to choose an external general manager over two qualified internal candidates. Those are actions made by a business owner who is committed to changing the culture.

Unfortunately, when I asked for a scouting report, an ardent Eagles supporter chastised me by asking, “Did you witness the second part of the Super Bowl?” Another person informed me that Gannon is highly intelligent and that he would be a better head coach in Arizona than he was in Philadelphia, where the fan base wants a certain attacking style, one that Gannon found difficult to provide as defensive coordinator.

Furthermore, basing Gannon’s reputation entirely on his Super Bowl defeat against Patrick Mahomes is unjust. After all, Kyle Shanahan formerly served as the offensive coordinator for the Falcons, who let Tom Brady win the Super Bowl despite having a 28-3 lead. He ended up being a fantastic hire.

At the very least, we know Gannon is a former great athlete from Ohio, a defensive coordinator tough enough for the most obscene, fervent fan group in the country, and a coach who earned his stripes as an NFL scout. His first game at State Farm Stadium, the scene of his most recent Super Bowl defeat, will be an opportunity for redemption.

Let’s hope Gannon delivers genuine leadership, a command of the room, and a substantial helping of gravitas in the meantime. Because his new football club most urgently needs that.

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