With every victory for the Kansas State women's basketball team, Gap Goat's fame grows.

With every victory for the Kansas State women’s basketball team, Gap Goat’s fame grows.

Throughout the whole season, Bramlage Coliseum has been packed with fans for Wildcat games, including Gap Goat, the secretary of defense for the Kansas State women’s basketball team.
However, the stuffed goat mascot is earning a new army of supporters now that K-State’s two NCAA Tournament games are drawing record crowds to the arena (Sunday’s 1 p.m. second-round contest with Colorado is officially a sellout).

Super-senior guard Gabby Gregory came up with the idea for Gappy, as he is popularly called, when team leaders Serena Sundell, Ayoka Lee, and Gregory were pushed by coach Jeff Mittie to come up with an entertaining manner to celebrate gaps, which consisted of three straight defensive stops. Gregory’s favorite animal is unsurprisingly the goat.
Regarding the goat, Lee said, “He’s like our motivator to get gaps.” “Last night he got eight, and then once we get seven he gets his chains.”
According to Mittie, the theory holds that teams who score seven points in a game have a higher than 90% chance of winning. When it does, Gappy gets to wear two gold chains, one of which has a pendant with the number seven on it.
The popularity of Gap Goat has increased all season long. With K-State sitting at 27-6 going into Sunday’s contest, he has a lot to be happy about.
In addition, a tiny army of baby Gap Goat clones have been created by Gappy, who even has his own Instagram account (@gapgoat7). Gregory’s Amazon.com site is neatly connected to the accessories and baby Goat replicas. He’s also got a team media accreditation for the NCAA Tournament.
The goat has now even traveled outside of Bramlage and the Ice Family Basketball Center, which is next door.
Lee said, “He adores Ice.” “That’s really his home, and he doesn’t take breaks, so he’s always there working.”He did go to football practice on a field trip. He went to the football practice the other day since he was sort of bored. He accompanied us to watch the dancing company, Classy Cats. He just loves all K-State athletics very much.”
Actually, the mascot appeared in films that the volleyball and football teams posted on social media.
Regarding the support from other K-State teams, Gregory said, “That’s been really cool to see on social media.” “It was cool to see some of the teams incorporate Gap Goat into their videos as well.”Gap Goat was over there with the football squad. There was a little gap goat in the volleyball net. It was just amazing to see.”
Even a message from Gap Goat urging nearby educators to release their children early so they may attend Friday afternoon’s first-round matchup with Portland was shared on social media.
What was Gappy’s response, then, when he learned on Saturday that the game in the second round was sold out? Just as it was on Selection Sunday, when the Wildcats learned they would be playing at home as the No. 4 seed.
Gregory deadpanned, “As usual, he’s stone cold, no reaction.” “He never gets too high, never gets too long, but he said he was really excited to get his chains tomorrow.”
Gregory ought to be aware.
“Gabby’s like his mom, and we’re kind of like his aunts,” Lee said.

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