Why Cameron Diaz is leaving Hollywood once again in the wake of Jamie Foxx's "meltdown" in Back in Action

Why Cameron Diaz is leaving Hollywood once again in the wake of Jamie Foxx’s “meltdown” in Back in Action

Due to her extended work hours that keep her away from her family, actress Cameron Diaz, 50, has allegedly chosen to leave Hollywood once again. After being persuaded by her close friend Jamie Foxx to appear in the action comedy Back in Action, the celebrity, who had formally retired from the entertainment business in 2018, made a return. Sadly, the production has had several issues, according to DailyMail, which culminated with Foxx have a “absolute meltdown” on the film’s UK set, which caused the termination of three crew members.
Diaz reportedly found the experience difficult despite having no difficulties with Foxx, citing the demanding work schedule and being away from her family as major stressors. The actress, who is married to musician Benji Madden and has a three-year-old daughter named Raddix, has had a difficult time with the drama and conflict that often occur on film sets.

Although Madden has been a huge supporter of his wife’s desire to go back to acting, the experience has been difficult for him.
Although she has had the opportunity to see her family while making the movie, it is still not the same, according to Dailymail.
With her part in the action movie Charlie’s Angels in 2000, Diaz solidified her spot in Hollywood. Diaz first gained notoriety in 1994’s The Mask. She last featured on the big screen with Foxx in the musical comedy Annie from 2014.
Despite having a lucrative business career, Diaz has chosen to put her family and mental health above her acting career. According to reports, the actress is aware that working in the entertainment world sometimes necessitates her being away from her family, but the toll it puts on her and her loved ones is not worth it. Numerous admirers were upset by Diaz’s choice to once again retire, but they still respect her decision to put her family and well-being first.

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