Which team won the breakup and why: the Philadelphia 76ers or Jimmy Butler?

Which team won the breakup and why: the Philadelphia 76ers or Jimmy Butler?

In every divorce, there is a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser.’  It has been a few years since the Philadelphia 76ers and Jimmy Butler parted ways, and it is time to declare the Eastern Conference break-up winner.

A glow-up is almost always required to win a breakup. At first sight, I prefer the guys in blue to Jimmy’s dreadlocks in his 2022-2023 NBA photo. But… Philly’s makeover was not cheap. It took some time to get rid of Ben Simmons and bring in a new star for the Philadelphia 76ers. Harden’s beard is famous, and he can be seen on and off the court having fun with his teammates. His bromance with Embiid is wonderful.

Jimmy, poor guy. I just saw an Instagram image with Jimmy’s headshot and the caption: Just remember this dude made it to the NBA Finals.

That photo does not depict the Buckets’ beast mode, but it also does not reflect how his hair appeared during the season. Regardless, I’m going to award the 76ers the victory, 1-Buckets, 1-Philly.

People claim that living well is the finest post-breakup retribution. The last criterion for determining a victor after a split is who is enjoying their best life. Buckets is spotted throughout town and recently attracted some attention while watching his companion Coco Gauff play tennis. Gauff stated this week that Butler informed her early on that the Heat will be attending the NBA Finals as his guest, and that he has given her tickets to go as his guest.

Butler’s professional female athlete friends do not end with Gauff. Buckets and WNBA athlete Nneka Ogwumike have a competitive tete-a-tete over airballs in the new Michelob Ultra ad. Jimmy Butler’s deal with Michelob began long before his 2023 NBA playoff run, and he’s been killing it for quite some time.

Philly ballers have also been having a good time living their best life. Embiid has been in a lot of ads in recent years. The Google Pixel ad featuring the best pickup game of all time was my favourite. Oh, and no huge deal, but Joel Embiid was named the 2022-2023 NBA MVP! That was no minor victory for the 76ers, but our euphoria quickly faded when they lost their series against the Celtics.

Tyrese Maxey also appeared in the new Starry soda advertisements with Keke Palmer.

Harden received accolades for attending the Eagles’ first home game of the 2022-2023 season, when Big Play Slay presented Harden with his interception ball. During the Eagles’ playoff run, the complete Philadelphia 76ers starting lineup was photographed partying with Kevin Hart at Lincoln Financial Field.

It’s time for the tiebreaker.

Jimmy Butler’s face constantly appears in the media as he lives his best life. Bucket’s time in the spotlight cannot be matched by the rest of the 76ers starting lineup. Jimmy is out there following his interests and living a better life than he did in Philadelphia. Two buckets and one Philly.

Whatever happens in the NBA Finals, Jimmy is doing well without us. It’s difficult not to reflect on all the errors we made in letting him leave. The best we can do is root for the Heat against the Nuggets while wishing Buckets the best.

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