When the singer seems to battle with Tourette's tics onstage, Lewis Capaldi's followers take over: Watch

When the singer seems to battle with Tourette’s tics onstage, Lewis Capaldi’s followers take over: Watch

Fans of Lewis Capaldi rushed to the musician’s assistance when he looked to be overtaken by tics as a result of his Tourette syndrome during a concert.

In a video uploaded on TikTok on Wednesday, Capaldi, 26, seems to have tics while performing his popular song “Someone You Loved.” The audience then takes over, humming along to the song and chanting the lyrics to Capaldi.

As of Thursday, the video has received over 25 million views, 4.6 million likes, and countless sympathetic fans’ encouraging comments.

One person said, “Lewis Capaldi is my favourite. “I had no idea he had tics. I’m happy to know now. Such a large group!”

Another person remarked, “Humans humaning can be very therapeutic to witness occasionally.

Another person said, “Coming from someone with Tourettes, I adore this.

Capaldi has previously been outspoken about his Tourette syndrome. Tourette’s is an illness that causes uncontrollable, repeated motions or noises known as tics, according to the Mayo Clinic. According to the Mayo Clinic, tics might include blinking eyelids, shrugging shoulders, or blurting out noises and phrases.

During the Brit Awards, Billie Eilish and Rod Stewart perform, while Lewis Capaldi and Stormzy win.

In October 2022, Capaldi discussed receiving a Tourette’s diagnosis on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” saying, “It was like, ‘Well, that makes a lot of (crap) sense. It was a huge comfort to learn that I had Tourette’s since I had believed I had a degenerative illness.

Moreover, Capaldi told BBC that he is “happy” that people are aware of his condition.

I’m delighted it’s available, he remarked. It’s been helpful to read about other people’s experiences with it as well, to know that I’m not the only one who twitches.

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