When questioned about remarks he made about his future with the Celtics, Jaylen Brown dodges the question.

When questioned about remarks he made about his future with the Celtics, Jaylen Brown dodges the question.

Insightful remarks Jaylen Brown made earlier this week regarding his future in Boston caused some Celtics supporters to fear.

When questioned about his future intentions during an interview with The Ringer, the 26-year-old wing, who will be a free agency in 2024, was evasive.

“I’m not sure. Whenever I’m required. I can’t control it,” Brown replied. “We’ll see how I feel about them and how they feel about me as time goes on. Whatever it is, perhaps it makes sense. But I’ll remain where I’m needed. I’ll remain where I’m required and get the proper care.

He gave a circumspect response, according to Brown, explaining that “that kind of stuff makes Celtics fans speculate and go crazy.”

The evasive remark, however, did little to quell Celtics supporters’ fears that Brown will leave for another team in 2024.

Tuesday’s rout of the Kings by Boston saw Brown score 27 points, and he was questioned about his prior remarks.

I’m on a team with 50 wins right now, which you can’t take for granted, and I feel amazing. Tuesday was the 50th victory, according to a video from NBC Sports Boston. I’m now concentrating on helping my club make another postseason run. I can’t guess on anything beyond what I’m doing at the moment in terms of conjecture and other things.I believe that sometimes, particularly when authors have their own goals or whatever, articles written by individuals are taken out of context. Personally, I’m considering providing clarification on recent statements. But apart from that, my attention is on my team. Basketball is what I’m concentrating on right now, along with winning games.

However, Brown chose not to elaborate when asked what particular points he wished to address.

Nothing at the moment, Brown clarified. “The only thing I want to make clear is that the Celtics must improve and pick up more victories. “But in terms of right now, I prefer when people hear things from the horse’s mouth and you can see my response, and my face and everything — how I feel about what I’m saying,” the speaker said. “If I want to say anything in the future about the sort of stuff that’s been flying about, I will. These details may sometimes be lost in translation. I will if I feel the need to. I stay in close contact with the group and my colleagues. And if we’re going to follow through on what we say we’re going to do, everyone has to be on board. I’m concentrating on it right now.

Even while Brown’s future in Boston is a source of concern for some Celtics supporters, the All-Star guard is still under contract for at least one more season and is still in a strong position with the No. 2 team in the Eastern Conference.

On ESPN’s “Get Up!” on Wednesday morning, Adrian Wojnarowski said that he didn’t think Brown’s remarks should have caused Boston supporters to fear.

He is an intelligent person, according to Wojnarowski. “Not all players will give up their leverage when they discuss it in public. The remark didn’t seem to be all that offensive to me. I believed he left it unfinished.

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