What Rihanna's baby name announcement implies about celebrity privacy

What Rihanna’s baby name announcement implies about celebrity privacy

A magazine allegedly published a photograph of Rihanna’s son’s birth certificate; now, let’s talk about privacy ethics.

Rihanna, on the other hand, does things in her own time. Whether it’s her music, career, or personal life, the award-winning businesswoman marches to the beat of her own drum and refuses to bow to the world’s expectations (no matter how much we want that next studio album).

So image how surprised the world was when, just days before his first birthday on May 13, the Daily Mail revealed the name of her and A$AP Rocky’s young son, along with a photo of the baby boy’s supposed birth certificate.

Since giving birth over a year ago, the Fenty Beauty entrepreneur has been extremely deliberate about her baby’s dealings with the media. Rihanna initially revealed her smiling baby boy on TikTok in December 2022; since then, her kid has featured multiple times on social media and had his modelling debut in a March 2023 cover story for British Vogue, as well as in paparazzi images.

During the conversation, the new mother revealed the true cause behind her first viral video. A paparazzo sneaked images of the family behind the scenes as they posed for Vogue’s early morning beach cover shoot.

“I just went straight into protective mode,” Rihanna said to British Vogue. “As if there was no time for rage.” [Rocky and I] went up to the caravan park and sat in the vehicle, conversing and deciding how to proceed. It simply seems horrible, like a violation, as parents.”

The couple seized their authority and introduced their kid to the public on their own terms with only a few clicks through her photo roll and a reported Facetime chat with Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked.

“We get to decide when and how we do that as parents — end of story,” Rihanna stated of the violation of her family’s privacy. “Give me to the wolves.” You may do anything you want with me. But he has no voice in all of this. We’ve been protecting him so far, and you don’t have my permission to publish or sell images of my little kid. “Get that thing out of here.”

Despite the fact that the world has seen Rihanna’s child’s face, the pair has never officially stated their child’s name. Nonetheless, the media has gone too far for the sake of a story once again. The disclosure of the couple’s chosen name and his supposed birth certificate throws into question the continuing problem of privacy in the media. Despite the fact that birth certificates are public data in California, many social media users felt that posting a photograph of the birth certificate exceeded a boundary.

“Posting Rihanna’s child’s birth certificate online is really a bit over the top,” HuffPost senior editor Philip Lewis tweeted.

“I feel terrible for Rihanna. Because paparazzi took images of him, she had to share them, and now they’ve dredged out her son’s birth certificate. Another user wrote, “It’s an invasion of privacy for a BABY.”

This is far from the first occasion a magazine has invaded the privacy of a prominent person. Meghan Markle won a settlement last year against Associated Newspapers, owner of the Mail on Sunday and MailOnline, for invasion of privacy after the newspapers published and reprinted sections of a personal and private letter she sent to her father in 2018.

Though Rihanna has not commented directly on the new revelation, she has not been covert about her pregnancy. Nonetheless, she is entitled to have her child’s — or children’s — name respected.

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