Update to Fallout 76 that removes illegal weapons is postponed

Update to Fallout 76 that removes illegal weapons is postponed

Players of Fallout 76 were recently informed of a forthcoming update for the game that would get rid of some “illegal” weapons and attachment combinations, according to Bethesda. Because Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game, gamers have been finding ways to attach their weapons using attachment combinations that aren’t officially authorised by the title. It’s understandable how doing this could offer players an unfair advantage. Bethesda still intends to fix this by publishing an update that would tackle this issue, but it has been postponed.

In a recent Inside the Vault post on the subject, Bethesda disclosed their intention to postpone this update. The upgrade was supposed to be released on Tuesday in conjunction with the beginning of the Nuka-World on Tour season after being tested on the game’s Public Test Server, however that is no longer going to happen ” We originally intended to introduce a new mechanism that combats unauthorised attachment combinations to weapons that violate the EULA, as anyone who played Nuka-World on Tour while it was on the Public Test Server are aware. This system won’t be released with the Nuka-World on Tour update on Tuesday since we need a little more time to implement it than anticipated. We will update you on its arrival in a subsequent Inside the Vault as we continue to work on it.”

The upgrade is therefore still in the works but is not yet complete. That’s excellent news for individuals who can develop unlawful weapon designs for a little while longer, but the illicit weapon attachment combinations are still finally getting eliminated.

With the start of the new season, players will be able to compete for new events and awards thanks to the Nuka-World on Tour upgrade that was discussed in the Inside the Vault post. Along with those seasonal events, Fallout 76 recently received a new community calendar, which is essentially a timeline of events. To view what’s coming from now until the beginning of April 2023, visit this page. However, as always, things on that calendar are subject to change.

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