Tucker Carlson Originals: The End of Men

The science underlying declining fertility and testosterone is explored in Tucker Carlson’s Fox Nation special, “The End of Men.”

You can see the “Tucker Carlson Originals” episode about the chemical assault on American men right now on Fox Nation.

The Fox Nation episode of “Tucker Carlson Originals,” “The End of Men,” delves into the causes of the collapse of cultural manhood as testosterone levels and fertility are on the decline.

Scientists have seen a pattern with specific substances and their effects on the male reproductive system, which led Tucker Carlson to investigate why testosterone levels have been declining every decade.

According to Carlson, testosterone levels are dropping 10% every ten years. We are being poisoned by chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but you are not allowed to realize this.

He continued, “No one in Washington seems to be at least interested. “To them, it’s a joke.”

In the episode, toxicologist Dr. Linda Birnbaum explains how PFAS, a typical chemical found in the environment, is to blame for a number of serious illnesses, including cancer.

The male reproductive system is thought to be significantly impacted by the chemicals.

According to Dr. Birnbaum, “there is clear evidence that some of these chemicals cause issues with reproduction for many of these compounds.” The demasculinization of the male fetus is what it actually is.

After connecting the chemicals to numerous environmental conditions and consumer products, she encountered resistance to her hypotheses at the Department of Health and Human Services.

As mentioned in the special, the organization required clearance for her lab work, refused to give her a raise, and allegedly tried to remove her from her position as a result.

She said that the substance had a sizable impact on testosterone levels, sperm quantity, and sperm quality.

Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who fought the pharmaceutical business for years and said his career suffered as a result, said: “We’re headed toward a tragedy, and that’s not hyperbole.”

“Chemical warfare is being waged against our nation,”

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