Darrell Brooks - Waukesha Christmas parade attack

Trial of Darrell Brooks: Several delays, return of defence witnesses

Document confusion

On Friday, as soon as court began, Brooks requested the judge for the papers he claimed to be missing. Judge Jennifer Dorow ruled that Brooks was responsible for having the documentation he required for his own defence, despite the fact that Brooks had stated he would not call any witnesses until he had that papers in hand.

Brooks persisted in pressing the judge for information after calling the jury into the courtroom. The jury was eventually again dismissed by the judge from the courtroom.

Brooks asked the judge to appoint his mother as a witness in his defence. Dorow stated that the required papers must be completed and filed on time.

Testimony starts on October 21

Douglas Kolar and his daughter went to the procession.

On Friday, Douglas Kolar was the first defence witness to testify. He joined his daughter, who was marching in the Waukesha Christmas Parade, at the event. Kolar described what he saw with a red car in his testimony.

Kolar and his daughter escaped the parade attack unscathed.

“I saw a car driving through where the procession participants were heading as we neared White Rock. It was a car in red. Its horn was beeping “explained Kolar. “It drifted to the left between two of the groupings. When trying to halt the car, the policeman grabbed the door handle. The car accelerated and left.”

Kolar was questioned by Brooks about if the car’s apparent attempt to avoid collisions with individuals as it drove away. Kolar said, “Yes, at that point.”

Kolar claimed that as soon as he noticed the automobile speeding away, he grabbed his daughter and the two of them hurriedly made their way to their car.

The witness called the car a “red SUV” and later added that it had tinted back windows.

During cross-examination, Waukesha County District Attorney Sue Opper posed a few queries. One made reference to the way the red SUV was being driven. Kolar was asked if it was driving erratically, and he replied, “Yes.”

Opper also questioned Kolar about a description of the driver of the car. According to Kolar, the individual is a Black male with tattoos and dreadlocks.

Waukesha police detective Steven Guth

Det. Steven Guth of the Waukesha Police Department was the next to speak. Guth previously gave a state witness statement.

The detective mentioned speaking with Erika Patterson, Brooks’ ex-girlfriend and the mother of his kid, in his testimony on Friday.

Guth added that Patterson claimed she met Brooks in Frame Park, didn’t give him any money, and got smacked in the face. “She clarified what occurred the following day (Nov. 21). She believed he was chatting to other men when he stole her phone.”

When the fight happened near Frame Park, Brooks asked the detective if he remembered finding a knife.

“There was no knife,” said Guth.

“Reported as a knife fight?” asked Brooks.

Guth: “It was initially reported and sent to dispatch in that manner.

She originally withheld some information from me regarding the incident.”

Do you recollect the reason?

Guth: “I’m not sure why she didn’t…

She confessed to me that she held back information because she was so terrified of you.”

Guth was the only witness Brooks had to examine, and the state had no opportunity for a cross-examination.

Conflict about the witness order

After dismissing the jury, the court asked Brooks to present his next witness at around 9:45 a.m. It was assumed to be Patterson, but the accused seemed to be dragging his feet.

Dorow warned Brooks that if he didn’t summon the following witness, she would be freed from her subpoena. The judge clarified that she did indeed have that authority when Brooks asked if she did.

“That’s not a game to me. I’m not playing any games here. This is not a joke in any way. I find it disrespectful that you would do that because my life is in danger and yours isn’t “stated Brooks.

When the jury came back from recess, Brooks brought up his “subject matter jurisdiction” defence once more, as he had done throughout the trial.

testimony resumes on October 21

Former girlfriend of Brooks, Erika Patterson

Erika Patterson was summoned to the witness stand by Brooks following a short pause. The state had already called Patterson to give a testimony.

Brooks focused his line of inquiry on an event that occurred before the Waukesha Christmas Parade close to Frame Park. Patterson admitted in court that she had a dispute with Brooks. Patterson was questioned by Brooks about whether or not she was honest when speaking with Guth about the Frame Park incident.

“I just didn’t tell him everything right away,” said Patterson.

Why not? asked Brooks.

“I don’t know, Mr. Brooks,” said Patterson.

As she did throughout her testimony for the state, Patterson continued to describe how she knows Brooks, including how long they’ve known each other and where they first met.

when Brooks made an attempt to present fresh images as proof. Both the prosecution and the court objected. Following a further argument between Dorow and Brooks, the judge dismissed the jury.

“Then halt. You work for the government. Your role as the umpire is to “said Brooks.

Brooks attempted to introduce a letter, but the court said it needed to be established whether it was relevant. It had to do with a charge that had been dropped about an occurrence the day before the attack on the procession.

“My child is with this woman. How am I not familiar with her handwriting?” Regarding the evidence he want to accept, Brooks remarked.

After that, soon after 11 a.m., Judge Dorow made the decision to take a one-hour lunch break from the trial.

soon after lunch

After the break, Darrell Brooks was in the adjacent courtroom when court resumed. Judge Jennifer Dorow gave an explanation.

Dorow referred to Brooks’ criticisms of the court and the legal system by saying, “Today has been a hard day, to put it mildly. To say that this is the most difficult situation I have faced in my nearly 11 years on the bench would be an understatement.

According to the judge, Brooks’ objections are noticed and well-supported.

The judge noted that when Mr. Brooks disagrees with a decision, “he now has a pattern of seeking for verified law — disputing the matter once more — or turning us away from that by bringing up another topic.” He tries to take things in a different direction.

Judge Dorow called Brooks’ trial-day conduct “volatile.”

The judge declared that Mr. Brooks was “blatantly stretching the limitations of the court.”

The court characterised Brooks’ actions, particularly on Friday, as “stubbornly disobedient.”

Court resumed just before 1 p.m., and Brooks was there. However, despite several attempts by the court to make sense of Brooks’ line of inquiry with Erika Patterson, he steadfastly refused to respond. The judge eventually took another break and then sent Brooks to the courtroom next door.

Brooks fought with Judge Dorow once more when given the chance to return to court to start questioning his next witness.

Around 1:45 p.m., Brooks was permitted to reenter the courtroom, and the jury was also called. One more opportunity was granted to Brooks to call his subsequent witness.

Deanna Aldrich, a local of Waukesha

Deanna Aldrich was called to the stand by Brooks. She claims to have heard a “big thumping noise in my neighbor’s yard” and claims to live on Maple Avenue. Aldrich claimed that when she emerged, she discovered an SUV that had been “smashed to smithereens.”

According to Christopher Bertram, he noticed a “smashed up red automobile.”

Christopher Bertram was the next witness for Brooks; he claimed to have seen a “smashed up red automobile” on the night of the Waukesha Christmas parade. Bertram claimed he couldn’t think of a description of the SUV’s driver. He did, however, claim to have seen the driver reach down and perhaps retrieve a pistol.

Bertram was asked by Brooks if he remembered alerting law police that he had heard numerous gunshots.

Bertram responded, “Yes, it sounded like it came from downtown.

After Bertram was dismissed from the witness stand, Brooks wanted to address a problem. Jurors were dismissed.

Brooks then went on to claim to the court that the prosecution had tutored the witnesses on their responses before they took the stand. He also questioned why the state did not question the witnesses for the defence.

“The state now has no more questions and is moving quickly through the case. I can cut through it. I’m certainly not an idiot “stated Brooks.

Shortly after, Brooks banged his hand against the table and fixed an incredibly fierce gaze on Judge Dorow.

“I’m locked in a stare-down with this man. Honestly, that terrifies me “said the judge.

Following that, court was adjourned.

attack at a Christmas parade

Authorities claim that on November 21, 2021, Brooks ploughed a red SUV through the parade path, killing six people and wounding more than 60 more.

Prosecutors claim that on November 21, 2021, Brooks met up with his ex-girlfriend, the lady he is accused of running over with his red SUV the previous day, in Frame Park. Before he began driving, she said that they got into a fight in his SUV, during which he “was driving around with one hand and punching her in the face with his other hand.” Finally, she emerged, and she requested assistance from her pals.

Soon after that, according to prosecutors, Brooks drove that red SUV through the parade route, killing Jackson Sparks, 8, Virginia Sorenson, 79, LeAnna Owen, 71, Tamara Durand, 52, Jane Kulich, 52 and Wilhelm Hospel, 81. Over 60 other people were harmed.

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