Albion Michigan

Tire shop in Albion does a good deed

Nowadays, hearing some positive news is always welcome. Political parties have done a good job of trying to polarize the country, whether it be on the basis of race, class, or a straightforward religious conviction. But even in the midst of chaos, kind deeds happen. The local tire repair shop went above and above the call of duty to assist a couple of people who were going through a difficult period, according to Michigan State Troopers.

While on patrol in Lee Township of Calhoun County, a Michigan State Trooper got a call from dispatch about a car that had broken down and was creating a problem on the road. A tranquil spot with few neighbors can be found in the rural countryside near R Drive North and 24 Mile Road. As he approached the intersection of the two highways, he came across the disabled vehicle that matched the description and learned that the two female occupants had a flat tire and had spent the night stuck alongside the road, sleeping in the vehicle. The women knew of no relatives or friends who could aid them, nor did they have the money for tow truck assistance.

The trooper was familiar with the neighborhood and was aware of a tire store just a few streets away at 20154 26 Mile RD. He chose to get in touch with them to see if they could be of any assistance. Pullen’s Tire Repair, however, performed flawlessly. When the Pullen service truck arrived on the scene, the driver removed the damaged tire from the immobilized car and installed a brand-new tire. The Trooper then asked that a bill be prepared at the conclusion of the procedure and that he stop by later to pay it. The repair shop’s proprietor declined to comply. Frank and Stephanie Pullen, the business’s owners, as well as the serviceman all expressed their gratitude for being able to assist a person in need.

In order to let the public know about the local tire repair shop’s thoughtful act, the appreciative Trooper had a press release sent to the local news media. However, one other person merits praise for showing compassion for two other people who were struggling and stuck in a desolate area of the country. The Michigan State Trooper offered to cover the amount out of his own pocket after looking up a nearby tire shop.