Thom Browne, according to Queen Latifah, made her feel "gorgeous" at the Met Gala in 2024.

Thom Browne, according to Queen Latifah, made her feel “gorgeous” at the Met Gala in 2024.

Ahead of making her debut at the Met Gala, Queen Latifah says, “It’s going to be a lot of energy, almost like when the queen is put into a beehive—the sound of it—all the bees flapping their wings in excitement.”
Queen Latifah was first clothed by the designer, who is renowned for his austere but whimsical tailoring, in 2021 when she accepted her BET Lifetime Achievement Award. However, the queen feels that Browne’s work takes her back to a far earlier period in her life.

The hip-hop and entertainment icon tells VF, “I was always in uniform because I attended Catholic school from third to ninth grade.” “Some of his looks truly bring back memories of those days. When you wear a uniform a lot, you’re always looking for interesting ways to make your look special.” He specialises in these exquisite touches and really creative methods to style an ensemble.
“You can tell when someone wears Thom Browne, but every wearer seems to get a unique sense from it,” she continues.
The Equaliser actress said, “This feels like me,” as soon as she viewed the first drawing for her black peau de soie gathered coat and black sequined dress. It feels lovely and authentic; I can tell I’m going to look amazing in it,” the woman remarks. She describes the difficult process by which the look came to be as “indescribable,” crediting the designer’s profound comprehension of both craft and muse for his ability to blend his own style with the wearer’s individuality.
Queen Latifah refers to her group as a “work of art” and explains how it was related to the evening’s subject, “The Garden of Time,” in many ways. She tells VF, “If you keep looking at it, you’ll discover more and more and more and more.” “My mother loved birds of paradise, and I grow them on my own property. It’s the beading, it’s the broad, straight shoulders. The birds-of-paradise are a connection to my family.”
The most effective thing a look can accomplish, in her opinion, is to make you feel strong. When you enter a room, it lends you an air of charisma and charm. You appear like you’re having fun, so people are attracted to you because of the confidence you radiate,” she adds.
Another essential for seeming royal is getting enough of sleep. “I get some personal attention, like a massage, facial, or reflexology, and I have a nice hot bath—something that feels really soothing,” the woman adds.”Those things are important because you have to find a way to just relax and calm down because everything is so intense and you are feeling so much anticipation.”
May the queen’s reign last for a long time!

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