The school says that an Anderson kid who is connected to Joe Mixon of the Bengals was hurt nearby.

The school says that an Anderson kid who is connected to Joe Mixon of the Bengals was hurt nearby.

Anderson High School has verified it was one of their pupils wounded near a residence affiliated with Bengals running back Joe Mixon Monday night.

When deputies were called to a report of “shots fired,” it is unclear if the student was really shot. There aren’t many further information available.

Kyle Fender, the principal of Anderson High School, wrote parents of students an email. According to Tuesday, a kid from the school is resting at home and doing OK after being hurt in an incident on Monday night in the 7900 block of Ayers Road.

The email made mention of a shooting that happened on Monday at 8:25 p.m. According to a statement from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office on Monday night, a child was transported to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with injuries that were not deemed life-threatening.

Authorities haven’t disclosed much information about what transpired in the last almost 24 hours.

The property is related to Mixon and is a crime scene, according to a statement made Tuesday morning by Kyla Woods, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office. The student was not shot, according to the statement.

In accordance with the statement, a search warrant was carried out in the 7900 block of Ayers Road and information was acquired. It is unclear from the statement whose residence was searched, what the warrant covered, or what was discovered.

The search warrant, incident report, dispatch logs, and body camera video associated with the incident are among the documents for which The Enquirer has submitted record requests.

Late on Monday and early on Tuesday, deputies were seen outside the house on Ayers Road. They entered the house just after midnight and then departed without making an arrest.

The next update will occur “later this week,” according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

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