The Recruit is Noah Centineo's first non-rom-com.

The Recruit is Noah Centineo’s first non-rom-com.

Noah Centineo’s character Owen gets into a shootout in “The Recruit”

Owen recognises a woman he met in a pub as he ducks bullets. He forgets the life-threatening situation and waves to her. She shoots him. Irritating!

These events make “The Recruit” an unusual CIA drama. Owen is a CIA employee on the field like Jack Ryan, except he’s an attorney who’s in over his head.

Centineo said this differentiates ‘The Recruit’ from other spy shows and films. “Usually, the lead is an experienced and skilled spy.” Owen “just graduated law school,” he says.

Alexi Hawley, who created “Castle” and “The Rookie” starring Nathan Fillion, created “The Recruit.”

Hawley said of Owen, “The minute he gets good, I’m not interested.”

Owen is a confident, quick-thinking lawyer who could be an outstanding spy if educated. The series begins on his first day in the CIA, when he’s assigned menial work but discovers a blackmail attempt by a former asset (played by Laura Haddock). Owen’s fire baptism begins when his boss urges him to investigate.

“If Owen wasn’t as smart as he is, he’d be dead,” remarked Centineo.

The actor is best known as Peter Kavinsky in the YA film franchise “To All the Boys” starring Lana Condor. He appeared in “Black Adam” with Dwayne Johnson. Centineo is cute, but Owen is nuanced.

How many 24-year-old performers who mean something are there? Hawley said Noah is one. “You’re like, ‘We’ll never get him.’ What will we do? He’s busy,’ I knew he was terrific, but he was greater than I could have dreamed.

Centineo became an executive producer, offering him a “masterclass”

“Actors are sheltered from a lot of the minutiae, problem-solving, and behind-the-scenes mechanics that ensure a project gets recorded, edited, and released. Centineo wanted to be absorbed by it. “I was curious. I craved knowledge. I wanted to absorb everything.”

“The Recruit” season 1 is now on Netflix. Centineo is already planning Owen’s future.

“I want him to feel more comfortable while raising the stakes and making the pond deeper, because I think that’s what this world can be like. One door leads to another, etc. “That’s scary.”

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