The family of Bruce Willis reports that he has dementia.

The family of Bruce Willis reports that he has dementia.

Bruce Willis has frontotemporal dementia, according to his family.
They stated it was a “relief to finally have a definite diagnosis” in a social media message.

The 67-year-old was diagnosed with aphasia, which causes speech problems, in the spring of last year, but this has advanced and he has been given a more precise diagnosis, according to his family.
They expressed their “deepest thanks for the overwhelming outpouring of affection”.
According to the family, frontotemporal dementia is the most frequent kind of dementia in those under the age of 60.
“Currently, there are no therapies for the condition, which we want to improve in the next years,” the statement stated.
Willis rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s as the hero of blockbuster blockbusters such as Die Hard, The Sixth Sense, Armageddon, and Pulp Fiction.
He’s also been nominated for five Golden Globes, one of which he won for Moonlighting, and three Emmys, two of which he won.
Willis’ family said last year that he will stop performing since his aphasia was impairing his cognitive ability.
According to the latest statement issued on Thursday, they hoped that media attention would increase awareness of the actor’s illness.
“Bruce always believed in utilising his voice in the world to assist others and raise awareness about critical topics both publicly and privately,” the statement stated.
We believe in our hearts that if he could, he would react by bringing worldwide attention and a sense of connection to others who are also coping with this painful condition and how it affects so many people and their families.”
Willis’ family members signed the declaration, including his wife Emma Heming, with whom he has two kids, and his previous wife Demi Moore and their three daughters.
“My heart goes out to Bruce Willis and his family, & also my appreciation for raising a much needed focus on this condition,” said American journalist Maria Shriver, a major champion for brain disorder patient care and research. It is incredibly tough, but also a relief, for most individuals to get a diagnosis.”
Aaron Paul, who featured in the American television crime thriller Breaking Bad, called Willis “such a freaking legend,” adding, “Love you so much dear buddy!”
Queen Latifah, a singer and actress from the United States, posted on Instagram: “God bless you, dear brother, and know how much we adore you!!! Best wishes. Thank you and your family for providing so much enjoyment!!!”
Selma Blair, who suffers with multiple sclerosis, simply wrote, “Sending love.”
According to the NHS website in the United Kingdom, frontotemporal dementia is a “uncommon” type of the illness that causes issues with behaviour and language.
Slow or stiff movements, loss of bladder or bowel control (usually later on), and muscular weakness are additional symptoms.

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