The Bruins became the first NHL club to reach amazing milestone during record-setting season.

The Bruins became the first NHL club to reach amazing milestone during record-setting season.

For season long, the 2022–23 Bruins have been shattering records.

Boston has a 59-game record of 46-8-5 and 97 points overall. They will surpass the NHL record for the most points in a single season if they earn another 36 points in their last 23 games.

Boston needs 17 victories to surpass the league’s victory total (62). With seven weeks remaining in the regular season, the Bruins are now only 10 points away from matching their total from the previous year.

This Boston Bruins team has been breaking records left and right, and on Saturday, Linus Ullmark became the first B’s goaltender to score.

On Monday evening in Edmonton, they maintained that pattern. Despite Connor McDavid reaching a personal milestone by scoring his 50th goal in only 61 games, the Bruins broke their own record at Rogers Place with a 3-2 victory.

The Bruins defeated 31 different teams in the same season, making them the first club in NHL history to accomplish this feat.

While Boston is not the first team to defeat every other NHL team in a single season, the Bruins were able to shatter previous records for league-wide domination thanks to the inclusion of two expansion clubs in Vegas (2017) and Seattle (2021).

The Bruins have only lost to 11 different opponents in all this season. The only teams to deliver Boston two defeats were the Florida Panthers and the Ottawa Senators.

While an 82-game schedule might be challenging, the Bruins have only dropped consecutive games once all season (an 0-2-1 skid against Tampa Bay, Florida, and Carolina last month).

The Bruins haven’t slowed down, not even during the hottest part of the regular season. The B’s have won seven straight games after beating the Oilers on Monday.

Yet in Nick Foligno’s opinion, Boston has yet to achieve its potential.

After Monday’s victory, Foligno remarked, “I think we’re incredibly pleased of our method and what it’s enabled us to achieve and be.” Nonetheless, I believe there is potential for improvement. I still believe there are some little areas where we can improve. I’m not trying to seem cheesy, either. It’s simply how things are with our crew. In this room, I don’t believe anybody is content. We’re probably quite enthusiastic about our group.

We are all aware that there is still work to be done, nevertheless. And I believe that’s the kind of thinking that’s contributed to our success. Oh yes, do I believe we’re well-built? Absolutely. I have a lot of playing experience. But I believe there’s a lot more to it than that. And I believe that every man is still figuring out his niche and what truly makes us the best when it counts.

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