The Broncos players are ready to support their new coach's goals because "this club is eager to win."

The Broncos players are ready to support their new coach’s goals because “this club is eager to win.”

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO — During his six-year NFL career, the Denver Broncos’ starting left tackle has played under three different head coaches.

He’ll be playing for a fourth shortly.

Bolles said on Monday that he understands the need of hiring an experienced coach to lead the way in Denver, where the Broncos are presently looking for a new head coach. Bolles has previously played under three new head coaches.

“I always believe it’s beneficial when you have a coach who’s been successful or has coached in this league for a long time,” Bolles concurred. ” It’s difficult to approach a situation assuming you know everything. Because this league has the ability to tear you up and spit you out, you must surround yourself with essential individuals who have played in and understand this league. That is just the reality of the NFL. You must understand who you are. You must be consistent. Having a dependable coach will be critical for us. Someone who is responsible, self-disciplined, and does not break the rules. That is exactly what we need. We need a strong individual to join this circumstance, as well as a true captain capable of steering this ship to victory. That is exactly what we need.”

According to quarterback Russell Wilson, the Broncos are looking for a winner, and wide receiver KJ Hamler shared the same sentiment on Monday.

“I just want a coach that wants to win,” Hamler stated. ” Not that the former head coach, Nathaniel Hackett, didn’t want to win or anything. Hack was a fantastic instructor. Enjoy “Hack” to the fullest. The Broncos need a head coach who will just show up and get to work. a harsh coach who isn’t afraid to say no. All we want is for a coach to win. In my perspective, we have everything we need to succeed.”

As the Broncos packed away their lockers and moved their attention to 2023 on Monday, Bolles and Hamler were just two of the players who addressed the attributes they’d want to see in a new head coach. Other Broncos, on the other hand, said that a new head coach would find a good locker room and a team willing to work.

“Whoever they bring in, just know we’ve got a lot of guys who are going to buy in [and] ready to work,” centre Lloyd Cushenberry III said. “We’ve got a lot of leaders in this locker room who are going to do a great job,” he continued.

The Broncos have fallen short of expectations recently, but Cushenberry and his teammates are ready to put in the effort necessary to return to the playoffs. Because of this approach, a strong defence, a lot of offensive players making comebacks, and quarterback Russell Wilson, the Broncos feel confident in their strategy.

“We have a lot of grit, we have a lot of fighters on this roster,” Bolles remarked.

Many of the guys in this room want to win and be successful. I’ve been around for a long time, as have Justin Simmons and Brandon McManus. Despite a lot of turbulence and turnover, this group is tremendously competitive.”

DeShawn Williams, a Broncos defensive lineman, believes the team will not suffer the same setback it had in 2022, regardless of the coach it hires. Williams believes that with Wilson at the helm and the Walton-Penner Family Ownership Group guiding the coaching search, better days are ahead. “I know for sure it won’t be like it was this year,” Williams added. “I’m confident of it. I’m aware that “3” will not allow it.

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