Suns starters ought to be rested after securing a playoff spot.

Suns starters ought to be rested after securing a playoff spot.
Suns starters ought to be rested after securing a playoff spot.

The Phoenix Suns are prepared for the playoffs.
The squad accomplished a number of accomplishments in their victory over the San Antonio Spurs, including: Their sixth straight win gave them a record for the greatest winning run of the regular season and made them the NBA’s top team at the moment.

The Suns also secured a top-six postseason spot, allowing them to watch the play-in from a distance and take Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers off.
Should the Suns rest their stars with three games remaining?
During today’s exercise, coach Monty Williams was questioned about it. He replied as follows:
“The team is discussing it. We haven’t discussed it with the men. Some things, in my opinion, must develop first. We believe we have a good understanding of what we’re attempting to accomplish with particular groups and combos after speaking with the participants. I believe that the more sports you play and the more you practise, the better’, he said.
“I believe you have to work with what you have and try to set the men up for success. However, I believe that our team members are aware of the core of our objectives. Whether that’s gaps or coverages, I believe we have a good grasp of that. It’s my responsibility to combine the options available to the men to make the best use of them. There may or may not be a correct method to approach the situation; I believe there are many possible solutions. I’m attempting to gather the proper knowledge so that I can make the best choices because listening to that kind of music all the time will make you insane.
On the one hand, the Suns might be smart to give Durant more time on the floor with his team after playing just seven games with Phoenix, even though they are 7-0 during that run.
However, the 82-game regular season is a punishing one, particularly with the Suns preparing to finish it off with three games in four days.
There isn’t one specific method to handle the Suns’ current situation, as Williams previously stated. It will be fascinating to see how Phoenix performs in the remaining three games.

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