Sofa Vergara Squirms in a Tiny Black Bikini While Soaking in the Sun

Sofa Vergara Squirms in a Tiny Black Bikini While Soaking in the Sun

Sofa Vergara has already busted out her finest swimsuit now that summer has here.

The Modern Family star uploaded a playful photo of herself wearing a string black bikini on Instagram on June 25.

Vergara tweeted, “Lo mio es el verano!” beside the latest shot, which displayed her considerable endowments.

For those who don’t know Spanish, the joyful message translates to “My thing is summer.”

Fans of Vergara and her well-known pals undoubtedly concur!

As an example, one follower said, “ultimate goals to look like this at her age.”

A another commenter said, “I don’t think there’s a woman more stunningly beautiful, in the world.” Another admirer expressed the same excitement, “Now [sic] sure how it’s possible to be this lovely!!

Howie Mandel, another judge on America’s Got Talent, said, “Beautiful smile.”

Of course, Vergara, who turns 51 in July, has previously made headlines online. In a photo with her lifelong pals taken in May, Vergara seemed to be ageless.

It seems that like birds, they all flock together.

What is the source of her radiant youth? She previously admitted to SELF that “I’m ageing, and I know that it does make a difference and you can see it in the women and men that work out.”

Vergara said, “Things start to change, and I’m like, ‘The only thing to do is go and take care of it.’” Vergara is married to actor Joe Manganiello.

Vergara looks better than ever, so it is obviously working!

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