Social media was taken over by a crazy Jamie Foxx, COVID vaccination conspiracy. There is no evidence to support it.

Social media was taken over by a crazy Jamie Foxx, COVID vaccination conspiracy. There is no evidence to support it.

If you were on social media on Thursday, you undoubtedly saw the Jamie Foxx story trending.

And if you didn’t, congratulations. The weather is pleasant. After the last several years, it’s probably time to put down the phone and go out for a while. But, in any case, the narrative that was floating about was a heartbreaker at first sight.

That one?

Okay, fine! The headline of the magazine read, “Health Shocker: Jamie Foxx Left ‘Paralysed and Blind’ From ‘Blood Clot in His Brain’ After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine, Source Claims.”

Vaccine conspiracy theorists just needed that extra-long, eye-catching title. They grabbed it, shared it on social media, and ran with it.

However, once you get beyond the headline, the source becomes doubtful. In fact, two sources are referenced in the text. Corrine Foxx, Foxx’s daughter, said on Instagram in May that her father was out of the hospital and even playing pickleball.

“Update from the family: It’s sad to see how the media runs wild,” she added. “My father has been out of the hospital for several weeks recovering.” He was really playing pickleball yesterday! Thank you for your prayers and support!”

She also hinted to a “exciting work announcement” that was on the way.

That is the obvious source in the narrative.

The second source — the one that inspired the title — is gossip journalist A.J. Benza, who made the remarks while speaking on a podcast sponsored by Dr. Drew Pinsky. Pinsky, who earned his fame on MTV’s “Loveline” many, many years ago, is still around, and his current thing seems to be vaccination conspiracies. So Benza’s tale now has a home.

“Jamie had a blood clot in his brain after he got the shot,” Benza said. “He didn’t want the shot, but he was under pressure to get it because of the move he was on.”

“A blood clot in the brain left him partially paralysed and blind at the time.”

Benza said he got the information from “someone in the room,” referring to Foxx. He further said that the entire tale was “all lies” and “baloney.”

“You can read what they were saying early on, ‘He is communicating with us.’” “That does not imply talking,” Benza said. “Anything could happen.” Writing. The use of sign language. I’m familiar with those small code words.

“Then you tell me your father is playing pickleball, give me a break,” he continues. “There is a great shroud of secrecy around Jamie Foxx.”

It all seems a little like the conspiracy rumour that Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin died on the pitch after suffering a heart collapse in January and was replaced by a body duplicate. That was yet another COVID vaccination plot. Of course, Hamlin is still alive. He has even returned to Bills practise.

Anyway, back to the Foxx tale that went viral on social media. The source does not seem to be credible, and there are several issues. Why would anybody in the room with Foxx provide information to Benza? And why would he claim “there is a great shroud of secrecy” about Foxx if they were sending him information?

Wouldn’t Benza be aware, given that he claims to have a contact “in the room?”

What is clear is that the rumour mill has been churning since the 55-year-old actor experienced a “medical complication” on April 11 while shooting his new picture “Back in Action.” Foxx definitely had a major “medical complication” — the family has said that — but there is no reason to trust Benza over the actor’s own daughter, particularly now.

A study of more than 4.1 million individuals published earlier this year revealed no indication of increased stroke risks among vaccinated persons one month following immunisation. Another research, done in 2022, apparently found no indication of an increased stroke risk among people who had been vaccinated.

Unfortunately, the source and dependability didn’t matter on social media, where people pounced. “Those of us who spoke out against the mRNA shot were attacked in every way imaginable,” Charlie Kirk stated on Twitter. I’m enraged that a nice guy like Jamie Foxx succumbed to Big Pharma because a movie set is still stupid enough to need their cash cow clot shot.”

And, just like that, Jamie Foxx started trending, and many others joined in on the fun.

Others, on the other hand, did not.

“His daughter said he was home a couple of weeks ago playing pickleball,” someone said while retweeting Kirk. “I’m sorry, but I’m going to take his daughter’s word over some gossip column.”

“Anyways, Jamie Foxx has hypertension, which significantly increases your risk of having a stroke (aka a blood clot in your brain),” someone else remarked. “I hope his family sues you for using his health to make a political statement.” They’re complete freaks.”

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