Shania Twain dyed her hair a soft pink colour.

Shania Twain dyed her hair a soft pink colour.

Simply play “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” right now. When you see Shania Twain with her brand-new pastel pink hair, you’ll need that anthemic energy to flow through your veins! You did read that correctly, Twain, who was once recognised for her thick, falling brown curls, switched to a bubblegum shade, and it certainly makes an impression on us.

At the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, Twain made her red carpet debut with the new pink hair, wearing a custom Rodarte outfit with a leopard print that paid homage to the all-leopard hood and catsuit she wore in the “That Don’t Impress Me Much” video in 1997. A burst of pink protruded from beneath the hood as a preview of what Twain will perform later that evening in place of the copper colour she donned in the original video.

For the concert, Twain took off the hood and displayed the entire colour so that fans could see the startling metamorphosis. Throughout her performance, the country icon sported a variety of outfits, including a pink bustier catsuit and a bejewelled “naked” illusion jumpsuit. She also allowed her pastel hair fall freely down her back in loose waves with side-parted bangs. The new colour is a stunning real flamingo pink that is the ideal level of pink—not too light, not too vivid. Although Twain stated in an interview with Today that the pink tint was only temporary, we sincerely hope she decides to keep it because it’s so much fun!

The performer maintained the pink theme with her makeup for the awards ceremony, opting for a monochromatic tone-on-tone look for her lids, cheeks, and lips. A vibrant tropical green eyeliner and pastel pink eyeshadow were used to draw attention to her eyes. For added emphasis, huge clumps of artificial lashes were applied to both the upper and lower lids. The star’s brows were perfected, Twain’s makeup artists applied a little pink blush and watermelon-colored lip colour, and presto! The icon was prepared to significantly Up!grade the People’s Choice Awards red carpet.

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