Selena Gomez Promotes 'Real Bad' Bestie Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez Promotes ‘Real Bad’ Bestie Taylor Swift

Taylena alert! On Saturday (September 16), Selena Gomez shared some adorable selfies with Taylor Swift.

Gomez shared two photos on Instagram with the remark, “Swift is always at the top of her game.”

“That’s my best friend – she’s a badass,” Gomez said in a touching Instagram post. The adorable photos showed them having fun together by the water, with grins and kisses on their faces. The images were most likely shot during Swift’s 4th of July party with her “neighbourhood independent girlies,” including Gomez and Haim, since she’s wearing the identical (now sold-out) Christy Dawn sundress in each set.

The ‘Single Soon’ singer was most likely citing a lyric from Saweetie’s feel-good ‘Best Friend’ ft. Doja Cat, which peaked at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2021 and spent 30 weeks on the chart. “Best Friend” has the two complementing one another’s self-reliance, money, and attractiveness in its verses: “I’ma hype her every time, that my motherf—in’ friend.”

Gomez uploaded another photo with Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this week, dryly adding in an Instagram Story, “She looks stunning, I look constipated.” Typical.”

Both VMA winners provided meme-worthy moments and emotions captured on camera throughout the awards event — one of MTV’s crowd cameras appeared to remain fixed on Swift with a drink in hand throughout — however Gomez may not have been pleased by the discussion around her expressions. “I will never be a meme again,” she remarked in an Instagram Story following the performance. “I’d rather sit still than be dragged for being myself.” Much love.”

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