Queen Elizabeth II Motorcade

Security breach on Queen Elizabeth II funeral motorcade 

The longest-serving monarch Queen Elizabeth II whose reign lasted 70 years will be laid to rest today.  Around 500 world leaders have come and paid their respects to the late Queen. She will be buried at Windsor Castle and has begun her journey from Westminster Abbey in London. Millions of people stood alongside the streets to bid farewell to get a final glimpse of the Queen’s coffin traveling by hearse.

Flowers being showered on Queen Elizabeth's motorcade
White objects were thrown towards Queen Elizabeth’s motorcade

It was seen that many people threw flowers, confetti, and indescribable small white objects at the hearse. Even though there was a heavy security presence every few meters people were still able to hit the hearse head-on with these various objects.

Flowers being showered on Queen Elizabeth’s motorcade

The thought of people showering her hearse with flowers is a kind gesture but according to security personnel it should not have been allowed as people with ulterior motives could have thrown pebbles or stones and there could have been a severe security breach.