Rumors of a Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny relationship spark jokes and memes.

Rumors of a Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny relationship spark jokes and memes.

The speculation that Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner are dating has inspired a flood of memes and jokes on social media.
TMZ revealed photographs of Jenner and Bad Bunny, whose true name is Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio, arriving at and leaving the famed cafe Wally’s with Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Bieber, over the weekend.

Jenner, 27, arrived at the venue first, at 8:30 p.m., followed by Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny, 28, around 8:42 p.m., according to the site. The Biebers arrived to the restaurant separately as well.
Jenner was observed leaving Wally’s via the front entrance at 11:06 p.m., while Bad Bunny went by the rear door minutes earlier. The Biebers are also said to have gone via the back roughly an hour before Jenner left.
When Instagram gossip account DeuxMoi tweeted a blind item on Friday about a new pair in the making, photos and video footage of Jenner and Bad Bunny at the same restaurant were shared.
“This single, renowned model sister was spotted playing tonsil hockey with Bad Bunny at a VIP L.A. club last night,” Cosmopolitan said, citing the Instagram Story post.
Although any number of ladies may have been the mystery kisser, a subsequent DeuxMoi post said, “Now I’m announcing it was Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny, I have witnesses on the scene who saw her in the club.”
While neither actor has openly addressed the suspicion that they are dating, the speculations have caused a flood of emotions on Twitter.
“Kendall Jenner on the upcoming episode of The Kardashians,” one Twitter user remarked, sharing a widely circulated image of Jennifer Lopez exclaiming, “Yo gente Latina (my Latin people)” while winning an award.
The statement looked to be a reference to the Kardashian-Jenner family previously being accused of cultural appropriation. Lopez, who is of Puerto Rican origin, was also chastised for not using the proper feminine pronouns. “my Latina gente.”
Keeping with the theme, another Twitter user uploaded a clip of Kristen Wiig badly speaking Spanish in a moment from the 2011 comedy Bridesmaids, envisioning that Jenner would speak to Bad Bunny in that manner.
“What do you mean Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are apparently dating?” asked another in all capitals. “I’m going to put a stop to it, Benito, this isn’t you!!!!!”
The message was accompanied by a video showing Jennifer Coolidge’s character Tanya McQuoid shooting her way off of a boat in The White Lotus’ Season 2 finale.
Another user responded to the news by sharing a clip of Jenner’s controversial 2017 Pepsi commercial, with the statement “this is how Kendall is going to halt the privatisation of the public beaches in Puerto Rico.”
Jenner and Pepsi were accused of undermining anti-police brutality rallies in 2017 with a commercial that portrayed the model suddenly abandoning a photoshoot after discovering a protest nearby. Jenner then joined the demonstrators and offered a can of Pepsi to a police officer as a peace gesture. The advertisement was later removed.
Another reacted to the dating allegations by tweeting a footage of Rachel McAdams’ character Regina George standing amid a whirlwind of commotion in a scene from the 2004 smash film Mean Girls.
“This is precisely how it feels after everything with Kendall and Benito to be on TikTok and Twitter,” the caption stated.
One Twitter user speculated, with a GIF showing Jenner’s mother, Kris Jenner, atop a helicopter, that the matriarch is the one orchestrating the rumoured romance.
“Here’s what happened: Kendall was no longer relevant, so Kris Jenner stepped in…” they wrote. ‘Hello, Benito! Kris here. ‘I need a minor favour.’”
Newsweek has reached out to Jenner and Bad Bunny reps for comment.
From early 2020, Jenner was romantically connected to NBA All-Star and Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker. People claimed in November 2022 that the couple had called it quits a month earlier owing to hectic work schedules.
Jenner dated NBA player Ben Simmons from 2018 to 2019, according to Cosmopolitan. She also dated Boston Celtics player Blake Griffin in 2017, as well as Kyle Kuzma in 2019 and Jordan Clarkson in 2016.
Jenner told Vogue Australia in 2019 about her hesitation to talk openly about her relationships after seeing the problems her elder sisters, notably Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian, have encountered.
“A relationship is only intended to be between two people, and the moment you make it the world’s business, it begins interfering with the two people’s minds,” Jenner said. “Like, if you allow everyone in, you’re admitting all these viewpoints into your relationships, which I don’t believe is fair.”

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