Robert De Niro said he is not shocked he had a child at the age of 79.

Robert De Niro said he is not shocked he had a child at the age of 79.

Although the actor’s increasing family astonished many of his fans, the actor wasn’t surprised when his seventh kid was born.

Page Six questioned De Niro about his amazement at becoming a father once again at the age of 79 at the “About My Father” premiere on Tuesday night. He answered categorically with “no.”

De Niro even said that the pregnancy was “planned.”

Then, he said, “How could you not plan that kind of thing?”

The actor looked great in a blue jacket, striped shirt, black pants, and matching black shoes despite having a baby at home.

Reps for the “Taxi Driver” actor had earlier that day acknowledged the birth of a new kid but had withheld the infant’s name and gender.

Additionally, they withheld the mother of the child’s identity at the time. Tiffany Chen, who is considerably younger than he is, was seen last month sporting a growing baby bulge.

On the filming of “The Intern” in 2015, the two met. The following year, they were observed travelling to Spain.

A few years later, in France, De Niro’s 78th birthday was celebrated with the help of the martial arts teacher.

Along with his newest addition, the actor also has Drena, a 51-year-old daughter that he and his ex-wife Diahnne Abbott adopted in 1971. Raphael, 46, is another child that the ex-couple had together.

Additionally, he has a son Elliot, 25, and a daughter Helen, 11, with his ex-wife Grace Hightower, whom he divorced in 2018 after more than 20 years of marriage. He also has twin boys Aaron and Julian, both of whom are 27, with his ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith.

Nevertheless, despite all of his acting achievements, De Niro’s favourite real-life role, according to people who know him, is fatherhood.

“De Niro: A Life,” written by Shawn Levy in 2014, was the author’s second book. “My jaw dropped when I heard he had another child,” Levy recalled to Page Six on Tuesday.

“I mean, when the child graduates from college, he’ll be 102. It seems insane to me. At the same time, I have to admit that he is an excellent father. In fact, keeping his children and ex-partners close is one of his life’s most notable achievements.

The Oscar winner recently said to ET Canada that he struggles to strike the right balance between being “loving” and “stern” with his children.

With kids, there really is no getting around it. I dislike having to enforce the law and other such things. But sometimes, you really don’t have a choice, he said.

“And I believe that every parent would agree with this statement. Even while you always want to act in the best interests of the kids and give them the benefit of the doubt, you sometimes can’t.

The actor said that his children often “disagree” with him and “give [him] grief,” given their broad age range.

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