Remember these plays: Jets blow a potential pick-6

Remember these plays: Jets blow a potential pick-6

ARLINGTON, TX — While it was a little more difficult this time, the Cowboys nonetheless won another one-sided game against a New York club.

The Cowboys were able to rely on their aggressive defence once again, while the offence produced just enough plays to keep the game close.

Here are several plays that may go unnoticed, yet were crucial to the final score.

Dak’s scramble leads to a touchdown – The Cowboys made a poor move to open the game by winning the toss and taking the ball. The easiest method to compensate is to score a touchdown. The Cowboys faced a third-and-6 from the Jets’ 20-yard line, but Dak Prescott made up the difference and then some with a 15-yard scamper to the Jets’ 5. Jake Ferguson caught Prescott’s first touchdown throw of the season three plays later, giving the Cowboys a 7-0 lead.

Running into a “Tank”–talk about setting the tone for the rest of the game. The Cowboys understood the importance of stopping the run and making the Jets one-dimensional. DeMarcus Lawrence knifed past the line of scrimmage on the opening play from scrimmage, dropping Breece Hall for a 4-yard loss. The Jets never got anything going in the rushing game after that.

Sauce Gardner drops a potential pick-6 – With the Jets looking to capitalise on a big TD throw to Garrett Wilson, the defence almost grabbed another one when he jumped in front of a Prescott sideline ball. Gardner fumbled an interception that would have most certainly been returned for a touchdown. Instead, on the following play, the Cowboys completed a third-down pass to KaVontae Turpin and finally scored to take a 17-7 lead.

PI on the Jets’ Echols – When the Cowboys faced a third-and-goal from the 13-yard line on the same touchdown drive, it looked like they would have to settle for a field goal try. Prescott hit Jalbert Tolbert in the end zone with a ball, but the Jets were called for pass interference on Brandin Echols. Prescott then delivered a touchdown pass to tight end Luke Schoonmaker, which was followed by a successful two-point convert. Instead of a 13-7 lead, the Cowboys enjoyed an 18-7 advantage.

First two plays of the second half – This is a two-for-one, but it’s how the Jets opened the second half, facing the same defensive pressure they faced in the first. Micah Parsons screamed off the edge on the opening play, forcing Zach Wilson into a short pass for no gain intended for Breece Hall, who then got the carry on the second play and was stuffed for a 2-yard loss. This got New York back in the game, particularly following a false start penalty. And instead of driving back into the game to begin the third quarter, the Jets were forced to punt, giving Dallas strong field position and finally another field goal.

Aubrey’s first huge field goal – Not only was his 55-yard field goal in the third quarter a significant step forward for rookie kicker Brandon Aubrey, but it also shifted the game’s complexity. Mike McCarthy could have easily punted the ball with his team leading, 21-10, from the Jets’ 38-yard line. However, Aubrey’s long field goal may have placed the Jets in ideal field position at their own 45-yard line if he missed. That’s the type of spark they needed to get back in the game. But Aubrey’s kick not only boosted his confidence and the team’s faith in him, but it also gave the Cowboys a dominating 14-point advantage.

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