Rapper “Coolio” passes away at age 59

The famous 90’s rapper whose songs have been a hit all around the world passed away in the afternoon on Wednesday. His manager who was also a close friend of Coolio that he was 59 years old and the circumstances that led to his death are not clear yet.

Firefighters and Paramedics responded to call which came from the 2900 block of the South Chesapeake Ave at around 4 P.M. reported a medical emergency. When the emergency services arrived the found Coolio unresponsive and tried to resuscitate him for approximately 45 minutes. Coolio was declared dead at 5:00 P.M.

Coolio’s talent manager Sheila Finegan said in her statement that he touched the world with his talent and his lyrics, and he will be missed profoundly. She thanked all his listeners worldwide for supporting him and listening to his songs. She added that his fans and listeners should keep Coolio and his loved ones in their prayers.

Coolio made songs that were sensational hits and that are still heard today. Songs like “Gangsters Paradise” and “Fantastic Voyage” lit up the music charts when they were released.

According to Coolio’s official website he grew up in Compton, California. Speaking to the LA Times in 94 he said that he went down a bad path by getting into the drug scene and got out of it by pursuing his career in firefighting and making something with his life.

Coolio said that he wasn’t looking for a career, but he found it a good way to clean up and escape from the drug scene. He felt that it was going to kill him, and he knew he had to stop.  The disciplined life of a firefighter and the physical training and fitness required helped him get clean and fit.

His rap career started in the 1980’s and he started with the underground scene and that’s where he started to gain fame. The song “Fantastic Voyage” really took off and started putting him on the map.

Now when we have streaming and online platforms his songs have continued to live on and have hit a big milestone with one billion views on YouTube alone.

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