Randy Orton, a WWE superstar, may never wrestle again.

Randy Orton, a WWE superstar, may never wrestle again.
Randy Orton, a WWE superstar, may never wrestle again.

WWE superstar Randy Orton may never wrestle again. Randy Orton has been a steady fixture on WWE television since his debut on the main roster in 2002. Orton began his career in WWE as a member of the same Ohio Valley Wrestling class as Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Batista, and Shelton Benjamin.
Randy Orton has become one of WWE’s most distinguished wrestlers while being just 43 years old. Orton has also won other championships in the business and done other milestones like as winning Money in the Bank and the Royal Rumble several times. Orton has also participated in the main event of WrestleMania on several occasions, but it seems that he is not ready for his career to end.

Orton’s most recent storyline had him establish an odd tag team with Matt Riddle as RK-Bro. The odd combination won the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship twice before surrendering the titles to The Usos in what remains Orton’s last televised bout. Orton has been off WWE TV since 2022 due to a claimed back ailment, which now seems to be bad enough that he will never compete again.
Randy Orton’s father, Bob Orton Jr., talked to Sportskeeda regarding his son’s hiatus from WWE, stating that although Randy Orton has been preparing for a comeback to the ring, it may not really materialise. During the interview, Bob Orton Jr. said that he believes Randy’s doctors have recommended him not to wrestle again. If this is true, it might indicate that WWE will not medically clear Orton, putting him on the shelf forever.
It occurred with Edge, Daniel Bryan, and Paige in the past, albeit all three have since returned to wrestling. In truth, both Edge and Daniel Bryan have wrestled in a WrestleMania main event after retiring, while Paige is presently fighting in rival organisation AEW as Saraya. So there is some chance that even if Orton must take a lengthy vacation, he may be able to return one day.
While it would be tragic for Randy Orton to have to retire from WWE due to a physical condition and not on his own terms, there’s no doubting that he’s had one of the most successful careers in the company’s history.

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