Bank employees in Michigan would not cash a check

Bank employees in Michigan refuse to cash a check

A retired female employee from Michigan was overjoyed when she won a jackpot, but when she went to a bank with a check from a casino, she was stunned by the behaviour of the bank employees. According to CNN, the bank employees refused to give cash to the woman, even terming her check as fake. Angered by this, the woman has filed a case against the bank.

According to the report, Lizzie Pugh said that she spent $12,000 on a slot machine at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan during a church outing earlier this year. According to court documents, on April 11, 2022, Pugh went to Fifth Third Bank in Livonia, Michigan, to open a savings account and deposit her winnings into a new account.

Pugh said that she would not leave without taking the check and also asked the bank employees to call the police. Pugh then spoke to a third bank employee, but he also said that the check was fake and that the bank would not allow the account to be opened and the check deposited. Eventually, the bank employees gave his check back to Pugh.

Bank denies allegations

Fifth Third Bank filed a response in court this week denying the allegations, and denying all allegations made by the woman. The bank said in a statement that they are committed to fair and responsible banking and prohibit discrimination of any kind.

Regarding the employees, the bank said, ‘Our employees are trained to help each customer with their banking needs, and our staff follows procedures to facilitate the opening of any new accounts.’ Said he stands with his employees.

According to the report, Deborah Gordon, Pugh’s attorney, said that “What happened to Pugh is another example of the barriers and outrage facing Black Americans. Fortunately, in Michigan, including banks, prohibit discrimination in ‘public housing’.” It’s a strong law.” Pugh says she was able to cash this check at another bank. Pugh said she was very upset; she took a picture of the bank while going out because she did not know its address.