QB Lamar Jackson of the Ravens claims he made a trade request: Not "interested in meeting my value" as a team

QB Lamar Jackson of the Ravens claims he made a trade request: Not “interested in meeting my value” as a team

Jackson penned “A Letter to My Fans.” “I want to start by saying how much I appreciate your love and support for me. I want you all to know that not everything you read about me should be believed.Let me personally respond to your inquiries about my future goals. Everybody who has seen me or been around me knows that I love football and that my ambition is to help a team win the Super Bowl.

As of March 2nd, I requested a trade from the Ravens organization, but the Ravens have not been interested in matching my worth. You are all wonderful, however I had to decide on a business move that would be best for my family and I. I’ll stay connected to my Baltimore Flock nation and all of Maryland’s supporters no matter how far I travel or where my profession takes me. I’ll see you soon. Truzzzzz.”
On March 7, the Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson. They have until July 17 to agree on a multi-year extension for the 2023 tender, which is valued $32.416 million.

Jackson, who does not have a representative, is able to negotiate with other teams because to the non-exclusive nature of the tag. The NFL sent a message to clubs last Thursday advising them not to engage in negotiations with an uncertified agent who may be contacting them on Jackson’s behalf.
Other general managers and coaches in attendance at the NFL’s Annual League Meeting in Phoenix had doubts about the quarterback as a result of Jackson’s disclosure.
Rapper Meek Mill, who has collaborated with the Patriots owner on a number of reform initiatives, contacted Robert Kraft three to four days ago and said that Jackson wants to be a Patriot, according to reports. Bill Belichick, the head coach, would ultimately have the last say in such a choice, according to Kraft.
While Mac Jones, a former first-round pick of the Patriots, is coming off a disappointing season going into Year 3, the Colts were also a club that generated some interest given their current positional vacancy.
According to The Athletic’s Zak Keefer, Colts general manager Chris Ballard stated, “You gotta do the work whenever a special player is available — which he is.” He’s a tremendously exceptional player, but I’m not going to enter into lengthy debates about where things stand, what we’re doing, or what we may do. You can never predict how something will turn out.
Monday, John Harbaugh, the head coach of the Ravens, was talking with media when Jackson wrote his tweet. The coach made an effort to play down the news of Jackson’s trade request.
Jackson will be a Raven in 2023, according to Harbaugh, who claimed to adore him.
Harbaugh responded, “I haven’t seen the tweet. It is a continuous process. Like everyone else here, I’m paying careful attention to it and anticipating a conclusion. I’m eager. Constantly thinking about Lamar. He comes to mind as our quarterback. Our offensive strategy is based on that notion. I just can’t wait to resume playing football, and I have faith it will happen.
Later that day, Harbaugh admitted to NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero that despite the tweet, he hadn’t yet been in touch with Jackson.
He said, “No, you know, it’s not that moment right now. It is somewhat contract time. As a coach, I don’t believe it’s the type of moment where I should or where he wants me to. I believe he just wants to concentrate on one aspect of it. It’s still wide open. I’m here for him if he needs me.”
I am aware of one thing, he said. And I’m going to commit fully to him. Let’s just wait and see what occurs.
In his previous press conference on Monday, Harbaugh told reporters that although things usually sort themselves out, the team had prepared for the worst.
“I know you have to prepare for any scenario, but I’m very heated up about Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson is a fantastic athlete, he said.
Earlier this summer, the team issued a tender to backup restricted free agent Tyler Huntley.
Jackson and the Ravens have been negotiating a long-term agreement for the last two years without success.
Lamar is doing well in the discussions, according to Harbaugh. “Eric DeCosta is doing OK. I am aware of our location. There isn’t any annoyance. I’m at ease with this.
We hadn’t received many specific details from Jackson’s side of the discussions up to this point. But the QB’s announcement that he wants to be traded makes it plain that he’s ready to leave Baltimore. If another team were to agree to his contract demands and possibly give up two first-round draught selections in the process, the issue would be whether they would do so.

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