QB Jordan Travis of Florida State was taken off due to a leg injury.

QB Jordan Travis of Florida State was taken off due to a leg injury.

After being wounded on a run in the first quarter of Florida State’s game against North Alabama on Saturday night, quarterback Jordan Travis was wheeled off the field with an air cast on his left leg.

As Travis was reaching the midfield line, teammates from North Alabama gathered around the tackle. He crashed on the ground and remained there, his leg twisted at an unnatural angle below him. Trainers hurried to him right once, and the packed Florida State stadium became silent.

Colleagues dropped on one knee and stared in disbelieving stillness as the cart was pulled out for him. As he was lifted onto the cart with an air cast on his leg, the audience began to scream “Jordan Travis.” He was carried off the field and put into an ambulance right away.

During halftime, Florida State coach Mike Norvell told the CW, “Obviously, our thoughts are with Jordan right now, but I was proud with how our guys fought back.” “I don’t have any update, but obviously it didn’t look good.”

After starting the game as Travis’ backup for the previous two seasons, Tate Rodemaker entered and proceeded to throw for 217 yards and two touchdowns, helping the Seminoles to a 58-13 win with 58 points coming from behind.

Travis has guided Florida State to the No. 4 rating and an unbeaten season. After beginning his career as a quarterback for the Florida State Wildcats, Travis is now in his sixth year and is considered one of the top signal-callers in the nation.

Travis had potential, and Norvell helped him develop into a full player by using both his passing and rushing skills in 16 consecutive wins. Travis has passed for 2,734 yards this season, adding seven touchdowns on the ground in addition to 20 touchdowns and two interceptions.

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