Imran Khan - Pakistan's ex-prime minister

Pakistan’s ex-prime minister shot in the leg during election campaign

Imran Khan’s campaign truck was shot at Thursday, injuring him in the leg and killing a fan. Nine more were hurt.

The shooter, captured at the site, was unidentified. The shooting was unclaimed.

Pakistan, a nuclear-armed nation with 225 million inhabitants, is experiencing political turmoil. Khan has held nationwide protests since his April no-confidence vote in Parliament, claiming that his replacement, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, and the US conspired to overthrow him. The new premier and Washington deny such claims.

Pakistan has a lengthy history of political killings, notably that of Benazir Bhutto in 2007.

Khan was travelling in a big convoy of vehicles and cars to Islamabad in the eastern Punjab region of Wazirabad when the incident occurred. His caravan seeks early elections by pressuring the administration.

Tehreek-e-Insaf legislator Faisal Javed was injured. Javed, bloody, said Khan’s protest march to Islamabad will continue in a video statement.

District police officer Ghazanfar Ali said the incident killed one and wounded nine. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan denounced the incident.

Khan’s party leader Fawad Chaudhry informed supporters around Khan’s truck that the incident was an attempt on the former premier’s life.

Reports and a hazy photograph showed Khan with a bandage on his right leg above the foot. He was transferred from his cargo truck, where he was declared safe.

“He’s being transferred to Lahore’s hospital but isn’t hurt. His leg was shot “Tehreek-e-Asad Insaf’s Umar informed reporters. The Interior Ministry said the government is investigating.

Khan has resisted the military’s pressure to march on the capital. Khan had a democratic right to gather in Islamabad, but the military declared no one could destabilise the country. Islamabad has increased security to prevent confrontations.

Khan and hundreds of followers marched from Punjab’s capital, Lahore, a week before the assault. Khan’s convoy’s Islamabad destination was unknown. Chaudhry stated they will enter Islamabad on Friday.

Khan has demanded early elections since his April dismissal, claiming he was framed.

Sharif’s government has stated that the 2023 elections will be held on time.

Khan’s newest challenge to the government comes after Pakistan’s elections body banned him for five years for selling official gifts illegally and hiding assets while premier.

Khan, who is contesting the disqualification in court, has threatened to sue Chief Election Commissioner Sikandara Raja for labelling him “dishonest.”

Khan’s convoy’s Islamabad destination was unknown. Chaudhry, the senior party leader, claimed they will reach Islamabad on Friday.

The attack comes as impoverished Pakistan recovers from devastating summer floods that killed 1,735 people and displaced 33 million.