Our hopes for Princess Daisy in the Mario movie have now been dashed by Nintendo.

Our hopes for Princess Daisy in the Mario movie have now been dashed by Nintendo.
Our hopes for Princess Daisy in the Mario movie have now been dashed by Nintendo.

I wasn’t really excited when the Super Mario movie was originally revealed. I rapidly lost interest since Mario has a compelling plot and video game movie adaptations still seem risky. Even though Anya Taylor-Joy was a part of the ensemble, I wasn’t really drawn to the film. But more we’ve seen more video, the more certain I am. I support Chris Pratt’s accent, and even if some of the humour is rather “kiddie,” the film appears to have caught Mario’s warmth while maintaining the open appeal of Super Mario, which is narratively light and character-rich. As a result, I have invested and have prepared myself for disappointment. This became more clear when the Sand Kingdom was unveiled in the most recent teaser, shattering all of my aspirations.
My favourite Mario character is Princess Daisy, therefore it confuses me that my preference is not only in the minority but also so esoteric as to be made fun of. Daisy has always added a lot more personality to the proceedings, so it’s upsetting that she appears to have been completely left out of The Super Mario Bros. Movie while Toad has celebrity casting and Kamek and other, lesser-known characters are included. I mistakenly believed that Daisy was included in the yesterday’s trailer, but sadly, it does not.

While I had played Super Mario Odyssey, I had forgotten the precise location of the Sand Kingdom since it was only briefly presented. I instantly saw Princess Daisy’s realm of Sarasaland when I saw the beach and the pyramids. As Daisy is often missing, has a much diminished function, or serves as an optional additional female character in addition to Peach, we don’t often see it in the games or hear about it. When Rosalina assumed this job in Strikers: Battle League and Daisy was subsequently introduced as DLC, she is no longer even guaranteed that.
However, I quickly learned that the sandy kingdom was really the cleverly called Sand Kingdom, with the upside-down pyramids serving as a very apparent hint. Princess Daisy’s acting career seems to be over with only one month till the release of the film and no new trailers in sight. Even if she should be, she isn’t significant enough to be held back for a surprise appearance in the film. As Nintendo has consistently had trouble figuring out what to do with Daisy, I’d say Rosalina and Pauline have a better chance of assuming that position. Having missed the most recent sports championship, she feels condemned to Party and sports crowns going forward, but even that isn’t a guarantee. Just what did she do to earn this?
My current hope is that she will be a Shadow the Hedgehog-style surprise in The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2, which will be centred on her. If you do it, you will be absolved. If Florence Pugh were to appear, I may even purchase three seats. Princess Daisy has always been a central figure in the Mario world, so even if some content from the previous 40 years had to be trimmed for a 90-minute film, it seems unfair to stop at Daisy. Even worse, Sarasaland was offered to us before being taken away in favour of a mediocre Super Mario Odyssey level. She’s been mistreated for far too long, and in my opinion, she’s an integral part of what makes Mario who he is. We will riot if the sequel is set in Sarasaland.

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