Ned Fulmer Co-Founder of The Try Guys

Ned Fulmer Ousted after cheating allegations

The executive producer and co-founder of The Try Guys Ned Fulmer who started his content creation career from Buzzfeed has been ousted by the rest of the team. There was speculation among fans which was confirmed by Ned that he was cheating on his wife with an employee of the company.

The Try Guys started off in 2014 while they were still making content for Buzzfeed in 2018 they left Buzzfeed and to form their own.  The YouTube channel has 7.8 million followers on their main YouTube channel. The content of the channel is based on trying new things and recently they have tried to incorporate stand-up comedy as well.

Fulmer through the show has always portrayed a family guy image and has even incorporated his wife and children in the content. The other three members of the group Zach Kornfeld, Lee Yang and Keith Habersberger released a statement that Fulmer will not be working with The Try Guys and the reason they gave was due to a thorough internal review.

In a statement by Fulmer, he said that the affair was a consensual workplace relationship and he apologized to his fans and his wife. He also added that going forward he will focus on his children and marriage and that family should have always been his priority.

His wife Ariel Fulmer in her statement requested everyone to respect his privacy for the sake of his two young children.

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