Artemis 1 Rocket

Nasa postpones Artemis Mission launch once again

The Artemis Mission to the moon has been called off once again. The backup launch window was on the 2nd October but the agency has been considering rolling back the large (SLS) Space Launch system rocket back to its assembly building.

The latest reason for the impediment is the Tropical Storm Ian. A tropical storm that started to form over the Caribbean Sea last week. Ian has now reached wind speeds of 60mph and is moving towards Cuba. Meteorologist are expecting Ian to turn into a full-blown Hurricane hitting Florida and the Gulf coast and this means that the Kennedy Space Centre will be standing in the path of the storm. Although NASA’s SLS is capable of withstanding 85 mph winds and stand tall at 322ft the rocket will still need to be protected in the assembly building.

NASA is closely monitoring the weather and engineers and scientists are still conducting all preparations for the rollback of the Artemis SLS rocket and Orion Spacecraft to the vehicle Assembly Budling.

Today will be a crucial day as the final decision on the rollback or to procced with the mission will be taken today but NASA feeling the safety of its people and of the Artemis Rocket and Spacecraft are the priority.

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