Most polluted states in the United States

Pollution in the U.S.
Pollution in the U.S.

Pollution is becoming a big problem over the globe with people developing severe illnesses and ailments. The mask wearing culture has been essential in many cities across the globe even before the pandemic hit. People are realising that we need to do something about this as the current situation is already far worse than many could have imagined. Hence the change from gas to electric in the automotive industry has been well accepted by the public and governments all over the world.

Below is the List of 10 US states with the highest levels of pollution










Countries like China and India have pollution levels that are 10-15 times the hazardous levels and just breathing in the air in a day amounts to smoking 20 cigarettes. In the winter months where the air is thicker the pollution is clearly visible in the form of smog, when landing in some cities you can clearly mistake it for fog while looking out of the airplane window.