Morgan Wallen supporters are furious after the event in Oxford was cancelled at the last minute.

Morgan Wallen supporters are furious after the event in Oxford was cancelled at the last minute.

Country music fans throughout Mississippi were outraged Monday and vented on social media when country artist Morgan Wallen cancelled a show in Oxford on Sunday, despite the fact that almost 60,000 people had already crowded Vaught Hemingway Stadium at Ole Miss.

It was to be Wallen’s second performance in Oxford, after his sold-out stadium concert on Saturday night. However, after two opening artists performed on Sunday, it was revealed that Wallen would not be performing due to vocal concerns.

“Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately Morgan has lost his voice and will be unable to perform tonight,” said a statement on a stadium screen. “As a result, tonight’s show has been cancelled.” Please go securely to the stadium exits. Beginning tomorrow, refunds for tonight’s event will be available at the point of purchase.”

“Folks, if you spent your hard-earned money to attend the Morgan Wallen concert tonight, please do not accept a refund that requires a signed release,” the post said. “The abrupt cancellation raises concerns and should be investigated.” A ticket price refund is inadequate to reimburse us for our real out-of-pocket expenses. Like everyone else who has been touched, I demand answers and will not stop until I receive them. More information about the investigation will be provided by our legal team.”

Philley is a partner with Kilpatrick and Philley in Ridgeland. Attempts to contact him on Monday morning were unsuccessful.

Monday morning’s emails to Morgan Wallen representatives were equally unsuccessful.

“Completely disappointed in @MorganWallen!!” remarked one Twitter user. I’ve been waiting in this stadium for three hours and he just announced that the event has been cancelled!!!”

“Hey Morgan Wallen, Taylor Swift never cancels,” remarked another. “Do better!”

“Morgan Wallen not being able to sing seems like a ridiculous excuse to cancel his show considering that has never stopped him before,” a Twitter user said.

Thousands of additional comments point to a variety of different reasons why Wallen did not perform on Sunday.

The Magnolia Tribune’s Russ Latino tweeted, “Field seats for Morgan Wallen: $800 Hotel Room: $500.” $80 for a full tank of petrol and $80 for souvenir t-shirts Sitting in Vaught Hemingway since 5 p.m., just to have Wallen cancel because Oxford won the party last night: priceless.”

Another Twitter user said, “Dang, Morgan Wallen just lost the party.”

Wallen, the world’s highest-grossing country music artist, is no stranger to controversy.

He was captured on video in 2021 hurling profanities and a racist slur outside a residence in Nashville, Tennessee. He apologised at the time, but his label suspended him indefinitely, and radio stations and streaming platforms removed his songs.

The 29-year-old singer was also ejected from Kid Rock’s bar.

Wallen wrote in a statement later that evening that he began losing his voice immediately after Saturday’s programme.

“I spent (Sunday) resting, talking to my doctor, and doing vocal exercises to try to get better.” I hoped I’d be able to take the stage, and it pains me to have to deliver this so close to showtime, but my voice is shattered and I can’t sing.”

Hardy, a native of Philadelphia, Mississippi, was one of Wallen’s opening acts.

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