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Michael J. Fox describes a difficult year filled with health issues

Michael J. Fox retired from acting two years ago owing to Parkinson’s disease symptoms, but the past year has seen him experience even more health issues.

The 61-year-old actor confessed in a new People cover story that he has broken multiple bones, had an infection, and has been having problems walking. The “Back to the Future” actor claimed that despite all of his wounds, he is “coming through.”

According to Fox, “I broke my cheek, then my hand, then my shoulder, had a new shoulder put in, fractured my (right) arm, then I shattered my elbow.” “I’m feeling it a little bit more now that I’m 61,”

He stated that following surgery to help cure his damaged hand, he developed an infection. He informed the publication that because he couldn’t use his hand, he experienced balance problems and was more prone to falling.

“I’ve reached the point when my remaining wounds are healing, and my arm feels great. Life is fascinating, he declared.

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His current “whole objective” is to “avoid falling.”

Fox said that he uses a variety of “tools” to maintain his balance, such as a wheelchair, cane, walker, or even “a person with a belt around my waist hanging onto it.”

I’m just beginning to walk steadily again, he continues.

Fox, who oozes positivity by nature, noted that the physical toll also had an effect on his mental state.

He said that he “was never really a grouchy man, but I was quite irritable and short with people,” trying to “nip it in the bud.” He explained that while dealing with assistants, he would have them “absorb that I may have said that if I were more myself” and pretend to say “please” and “thank you.”

Fox is returning to on-screen work with an upcoming AppleTV+ documentary on him and “the many various ways of looking” at his life as his recovery process progresses, he added. In 2023, the documentary is anticipated to be released.

Fox made the decision to stop performing earlier this year on the “Working it Out” podcast because Parkinson’s illness was impairing his memory and ability to understand scripts.

Fox admitted at the time, “I couldn’t recall the lines.” I couldn’t recall the lines, so I simply had this blank.

The similar feeling was conveyed to People by him: “I couldn’t focus on a sentence… I didn’t criticise myself. I stopped doing it because I was unable to continue.

His final performance was in 2020 for two episodes of “The Good Fight.”

I’m unable to accomplish it:

Due to memory loss, Michael J. Fox no longer accepts acting parts with extensive lines.

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