Messi's Inter Miami tied Newell's in a friendly match.

Messi’s Inter Miami tied Newell’s in a friendly match.

It was a wonderful night. Lionel Messi faced Newell’s Old Boys, his childhood club, for the first time in history on the last day of Inter Miami’s preseason. It was an international match in Fort Lauderdale’s DRV PNK stadium that ended in a draw.
After 20 years of professional experience, the Argentine astronomer faced the Lepra for the first time on the pitch, adding another chapter to his story with the Rosario Club. It was the match that brought Inter Miami’s preseason to a close ahead of the new MLS season.

Éver Banega, a former Argentina and European national team player, played at Newell’s. Pablo Pérez, who now plays at Sarmiento de Junín, has been granted the right to participate in this specific match against Messi and his teammates. In addition, the title holder entered this cruce.
After 20 minutes of play, Uruguayan Luis Suárez took a left-sided shot and fell in front of Leonel Vangioni’s goal in the big area. Following that, the experienced quarterback demanded a penalty, and the referee consulted the VAR, but did not impose the maximum penalty on the Miami team for failing to check a collision between both players.
Inter Miami, led by Messi, dominates the action and poses the most threat. In fact, the Argentine astro almost opens his account with a zurda with his sello, which emerged pegged to the arquero’s right pallon. Previously, Uruguayan quarterback Juan Ramírez of Newell’s was intercepted on his way to the opposing field.
Mauricio Larriera, DT of Newell’s, has had a strong start to the season, winning four games in a row, allowing him to lead the local tournament’s Zone B. Consciente de la duración del calendario argentino, le pidió al club “que viaje la mayor cantidad de futbolistas posibles” an Estados Unidos para “distribuir las cargas” de tiempo y esfuerzo.
“Es un encuentro donde enfrentamos a gente con mucho peso, no sólo a nivel mundial, sino en la historia del club,” apuntó Messi, así como Gerardo Tata Martino, el técnico anfitrión.
And what Larriera said came true, as he made six changes at the start of the match to provide more minutes to footballers in the Argentine League Cup and, at the same time, to those who needed it to pick up the pace.
Inter Miami also made changes during the last 10 minutes of the second half, and Messi’s was the one that everyone regretted. Lawson Sunderland replaced the Argentine, who was being cared for by Martino due to physical ailments. In addition, the Ecuadorian Leonardo Campana entered the venue via Suárez. And only a few minutes later, Haitian Shanyder Borgelin, who had just recently joined the US team, opened the scoring.
When it appeared that Inter Miami could win, Franco Díaz stepped up to take a fight to a defender, go straight to the basket, and defend well against Drake Callender’s shot. Así Newell’s tied 1-1. And they finished hand in hand on a unique night in the United States, with Messi posing for photos with opposing football players who were looking for a beautiful memory.
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