Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon’s name removed from the opening credits of NCIS

Last fall Mark Harmon departed from the famous show NCIS saying that he wants to live a simple life, and this doesn’t mean that he is retiring. Now 70 years old he thought it was time to close this chapter in his life. In the show where he is known as “Gibbs” broke the news to “McGee while out fishing in Alaska that he would not be returning to work, and he wasn’t sure if he would ever come back and passed on the gavel too “McGee” saying he could have hoped for someone better to have had his back for 18 years.

Mark’s name was finally removed from the opening credits of the show a year after his exit.

The Executive producer Steven D. Binder said that Mark has been an integral part of the fabric of the show. He has been the north star and guided other characters. He ended by saying a line that all fans of the show can relate to “never count Leroy Jethro Gibbs out”

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