The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Mario Movie Trailer Shows Every Character

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has finally been given to us, and we’re actually enjoying what we’ve seen so far! The fan service wasn’t overdone, and most of the voices actually sound rather decent.

While there weren’t many people introduced in the teaser, it was full of intriguing tale beats. Nevertheless, we’re going to examine each of the prominent characters who appear in the first trailer and speculate about their potential roles in the actual film.

So let’s get started without further ado!

the main character! We must admit that at first Chris Pratt’s voice a little bit turned us off, but it’s really not as bad as we expected. In time, we might even grow to enjoy it!

However, it is obvious that Mario does not belong in the Mushroom Kingdom, which is a little strange. Furthermore, it raises the question, “Where did he originate from?” Chris Pratt as Mario in real life suddenly appear in the Super Mario Bros. universe? Here, we believe there are many unanswered questions.

Despite this, he looks fantastic!

Oh boy. We weren’t looking forward to hearing Jack Black as yet another character, but he totally nailed it. Bowser still has a slight air of silliness from the game series, but he looks every bit as terrifying as he should.

But the way he just mercilessly set fire to the Penguins’ house… Brutal!

Oh my God, that toad is cute. How cute is this guy, really? He should be the movie’s breakthrough star and a major source of comic relief when Mario and company’s situation appears to be hopeless. He is obviously set up to act as Mario’s introduction to the people of the Mushroom Kingdom, the town, and of course, our beloved Princess Peach.

Okay, so Luigi showing up in a clip that is obviously influenced by horror is just ideal. We see him here sprinting for his life away from a group of frankly quite frightening-looking Dry Bones, which is undoubtedly a tribute to his lead role in the Luigi’s Mansion series!

Although Kamek is what we’re assuming it to be, a regular Magikoopa is also a possibility. In any case, he certainly holds a significant position in Bowser’s army given that he introduces the main character after an especially lengthy setup sequence. Even though it caused a group of penguins to fly over the ground, we still enjoyed his brief magic act around the halfway point. Poor people…

All things considered, Bowser’s Koopalings are fairly cool-looking and will probably be used as “cannon fodder” against Mario and his comrades. We really enjoy how evil the antagonists in this movie seem; here they are standing over the dead Penguin people and they look very terrifying.

Those poor little guys, how awful. Bowser and his henchmen attack the Penguin Kingdom, but this fearless group simply did not surrender easily. It’s true that throwing a lot of snowballs at Bowser wasn’t going to do much harm, but you had to respect their perseverance!

Before Luigi is able to roughly hide himself behind a door, the Dry Bones figures appear to be chasing him via a piece of Bowser’s Castle’s exterior. We adore these critters’ sparkling crimson eyes, which make them look quite cool.

For now, that’s it! In the coming month, maybe, we’ll get to see a few more characters, like Princess Peach and Donkey Kong. Let’s continue to wallow in the brilliance of the premiere trailer for the time being.

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