What Madonna Has Said Regarding Gay Rights and Her Sexuality as TikTok Gains Popularity

Although pop queen Madonna recently came out as homosexual, some people may not be surprised by this development because the artist has always been a leader when it comes to sexuality and LGBTQ issues.

The 64-year-old Madonna uploaded a TikTok that has since become popular in which she appears to make a lighthearted announcement about her sexuality.

Madonna started the video by holding up a pair of pink lace briefs while posing in a dressing room at her house wearing a cream corset resembling her legendary Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra and wide-leg tracksuit pants.

“If I miss I’m homosexual,” the description on the video reads as the singer fixed her gaze on the camera and started scrunching up her underwear.

The camera cuts to the briefs falling on the floor next to a trash can as she throws them across the room.

Madonna leans into the camera at the end of the TikTok before waving her hand above her head and leaving.

Fans filled the comments section with inquiries about whether she had formally come out as lesbian, and commentators on social media noted her lengthy history of liberal views on sexuality.

Here are just a few of Madonna’s numerous comments on the subject.


After years of Madonna seemingly pining after women and her infamous smooch with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, the majority of fans have always thought Madonna to be bisexual.

Madonna addressed rumors about her sexuality following the release of her filthy music video for “Justify My Love” in the 1990s.

“Everyone, in my opinion, has a bisexual nature. That is my premise. I might be mistaken,” she claimed in a television interview.

She stated, “I won’t say I have never slept with a woman but…I love males,” in a different interview.


When she shared a clip from her much anticipated biopic with her fans, the singer talked openly about her experiences with self-pleasure.

Last year, Madonna read a section of the movie script aloud to her Instagram followers, describing her epiphany.

When I was 19, I first learned about masturbation, the actor said.

“This dancing girl mentioned it to me. Do you have a boyfriend? she asked. I assumed she was speaking Arabic as I stared at her. “I’m not to fault.” It’s so much more fun to masturbate, she said. Masturbation had not even crossed my mind before that.

Madonna then described how the dancer gave her some advice on practicing self-love: “She explained it to me, and I tried it that night when I got home, and I thought, ‘OK, now I get it. People are intended to experience that during intercourse. She saved my life when she informed me about masturbation.

The simple things in life are what people tend to take for granted.

GLBT Rights

Madonna has always been a pioneer in the struggle for LGBTQ rights, from her early support of the homosexual community during the AIDS pandemic to her current work on marriage equality.

At the 30th GLAAD Awards in 2019, when Madonna received the Advocate for Change Award, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper praised Madonna as “no one ally has been a better friend or had a deeper impact on acceptance for the LGBTQ community.”

Fighting for all oppressed people is a duty and an honor I could not turn my back on and I will never turn my back on, Madonna said when accepting her prize.

“All of my pals were taken out in the blink of an eye by the AIDS epidemic, the virus that came into New York City like a dark cloud.

She continued, “I remember the chaos and the panic, and people trying all kinds of medicines that didn’t work. And doing my own drug runs to Mexico for my buddies to purchase experimental drugs that were meant to help cure but actually served to hasten their demise.

It is every human’s responsibility to fight, to advocate, to do whatever we can and whatever it takes, she continued. “Once you really comprehend what it means to love, you understand what it takes to become a human being. MADAME X is a FIGHTER FOR FREEDOM.

After two men were sentenced to prison for getting married in Malawi, an African nation from which she has adopted four kids, she spoke out.

“I firmly think that everyone deserves equal rights, regardless of their gender, race, color, religion, or sexual orientation. Malawi made a significant step backwards this past week. Because of the misery and pain in the world, we must defend our fundamental human right to love and be loved, she said in a statement.

Leaked Nude Photo

Following the publication of her nude images in publications in 1985, Madonna refused to feel embarrassed.

The images were “of Madonna alone, fully nude, quite explicit…with everything in plain view,” according to Penthouse Publisher Bob Guccione.

Before she became famous, the images were taken in 1978, but Madonna never expressed regret or embarrassment about them.

In a statement from 1985, she declared, “I’m not ashamed of anything.”

She established the standard for how women would react to similar occurrences going forward.

Set the Nipple free

Madonna criticized Instagram in 2021 after some of her images were removed and “a tiny bit of her nipple was revealed.”

“It still astounds me that our society permits the public display of a woman’s entire body, but for her nipple. As if that were the only body part of a woman that could be considered sexual. The nipple that feeds the baby!” she said to her tens of millions of fans.

Can’t a man’s nipple be viewed in a sexual manner? What about the fact that a woman’s ass is never censored anywhere?

Added her: “Giving thanks that despite forty years of censorship, sexism, ageism, and misogyny, I have managed to keep my sanity.

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