Machine Gun Kelly based his AMAs attire on a sea urchin.

Machine Gun Kelly based his AMAs attire on a sea urchin.

At the American Music Awards on Sunday night, the rapper opted for an edgy look.

Machine Gun Kelly’s appearance at the American Music Awards was flawless.

The rapper made a big impression on the red carpet when he arrived at the awards presentation on Sunday night wearing a spike-covered ultra-edgy costume.

Long, pointed spikes running from his shoulders to his ankles and even up his back adorned the brilliant purple garment. The 32-year-black old’s studded boots and dishevelled waves of blonde hair gave him an additional punk aesthetic.

Undoubtedly a daring piece of clothing, the sleek suit had us wondering whether the rapper could even sit down while wearing it. He did pose for a picture while seated with singer Lionel Richie, however we’re not sure how at ease he was doing so.

On his Instagram feed, Machine Gun Kelly posted a split image of himself wearing the suit next to a picture of a purple sea urchin as a fun allusion to the source of his fashion inspiration for the outfit.

Do you people understand what I was aiming for? he said in the caption.

The musician had a thrilling evening when he ultimately won the “favourite rock artist” title. He made light of his edgy attire when winning the award, joking, “This suit is incredibly unpleasant to urinate in.”

Machine Gun Kelly, who often dresses like his fiancée Megan Fox, is no stranger to daring design choices. They dressed as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson for Halloween only a month ago.

They also had identical chrome manicures when they got engaged in January 2022. Over the summer, they even wore pink hair that matched.

Whatever his next fashion move is, it will undoubtedly be a talking point.

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