LeBron James defends Zion Williamson: “Zion is on the edge.”

The numerous conversations fans may have about everything basketball-related keep the NBA community alive. All fans believe that Zion Williamson’s return to form has improved the game. After witnessing Williamson score 27 points, five rebounds, and seven assists against his Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James gave the 22-year-old highflyer his highest accolades.

“Just stop him from heading left” is hilarious. “Stop him from going left.’ It’s the same thing I heard so many years with [Manu] Ginobili: ‘Just stop him from going left.’ Lamar Odom, ‘Stop him from going left.’ When you’re great, no matter what you do, they’re going to figure out a way,” James said in his postgame presser after a thrilling 120-117 overtime win over the Pelicans.

“Zion is on the verge—he’ll be terrific in this league for a long time. He proved himself tonight.”

LeBron understands what it takes to achieve at the greatest level, so Pelicans fans will love seeing the 37-year-old forward compare Zion Williamson to left-handed giants like Manu Ginobili and Lamar Odom.

Williamson’s long path to this point makes LeBron James’ praise all the more meaningful. He missed the whole 2021-22 season due to a fractured foot.

I know some of his struggles. Being a No. 1 selection and everyone saying “You should be this, you should be that, the franchise face.” You gotta do this, you gotta do that.’ Then when you’re not playing, they’re like, ‘OK so is he going to be this or that? “The kid has done nothing except keep his head down and push,” James said.

“He’s in excellent form. Skillful. His stature, speed, and athleticism are unprecedented. Giannis-like. Shaq or Barkley-like. Just certain abilities that come into our league that you’ve never seen.”

If healthy, Zion Williamson will lead the Pelicans to greatness. Williamson is one of the league’s greatest post scorers in his fourth season, and his playmaking has improved. LeBron James and the league will be frightened by his potential improvement.

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