Lamar Jackson deleted an offensive tweet. Following a fan urged the Ravens to not sign Lamar Jackson to a new deal after a defeat,

Lamar Jackson deleted an offensive tweet

Following a fan urged the Ravens to not sign Lamar Jackson to a new deal after a defeat. 

Lamar Jackson, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, struggled to recover from a last-second loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. After the game, Jackson responded insensitively to a supporter who pushed the Ravens to let Jackson leave after the season.

Jackson replied with an offensive word that could have been taken as homophobic, which he later removed.

In response to a supporter who critiqued Jackson’s performance during the team’s 28-27 loss to the Jaguars in Week 12, Jackson tweeted that statement. With two minutes left to play, Jackson connected with Josh Oliver to give the Ravens a 27-20 lead after throwing for 254 yards and a touchdown and rushing for 89 yards and another score.

Trevor Lawrence, the Jaguars’ starting quarterback, drove his team down the field in the last two minutes and scored with 18 seconds remaining. To win the game, the Jaguars attempted a two-point conversion.

The loss leaves the Ravens at 7-4. Jackson is now enjoying a successful season after failing to reach a long-term agreement with the Ravens during the offseason. Jackson is scheduled to become a free agency at the conclusion of the 2022 NFL season, but it’s anticipated that the Ravens will place the franchise tag on him if the two parties are unable to come to an agreement on a long-term contract.

Lamar Jackson deletes fan-offending tweet

The fact that Jackson was named in the original tweet suggests that’s how he interpreted the criticism and chose to respond. The post gave the impression that Jackson wasn’t deserving of the $250 million deal the Ravens are supposedly offering him.

Jackson’s reaction was OK up until the last two words, when he conveyed a remark that could have been construed as homophobic. Outsports’ Jim Buzinski gave an explanation of why it is the case.

In this case, Jackson’s intention—which we do not know—matters. Despite his denials, Jackson seemed to recognise that he overstepped the mark by deleting the tweet. It’s very plausible that Jackson wasn’t trying to be homophobic or anti-gay with his comment. He also made a mistake by using a word that leaves that door open.

Jackson’s tweet has not received any response from the Ravens or the NFL. When questioned about the incident on Monday, Ravens coach John Harbaugh stated he spoke to Jackson about it.

After defeats, Harbaugh advised his players not to interact with fans on Twitter, claiming that such interactions “are never going to be beneficial.”

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