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Knicks need to have dinner every night

Every game seems like Tom Thibodeau’s last. If Tuesday’s triumph in Utah was Thibs’ last, he gave supporters something to talk about. No Fournier minutes!, no Grimes minutes?, and dissatisfaction (the late-game treatment of IQ and Obi).

Start the fourth quarter. The starters allowed Utah grab the lead in the third, and the Jazz appeared ready to extend it when the subs entered. The Knicks bench needs to respond like last season. Immanuel Quickley did well. With Derrick Rose’s decline, IQ should lead the second unit. They didn’t have to lug Evan Fournier’s DNP-CD body around. IQ hit two triples and a layup. Obi Toppin, the NBA’s most improbable 3P sharpshooter, nailed two 3s. The Knicks bench quickly transformed a fourth-quarter deficit into a 10-point advantage.

Thibs was unhappy. He quickly pulled Obi. That’s who Thibs is now. Quickley was a two-way force throughout the game, so his removal startled me (13 points, 4 steals). The Jazz regained offensive vigour. Incompetent coaching may have doomed the Knicks last season. Jalen Brunson and Cam Reddish help the Knicks. These two stopped a Utah rally to help the good guys win.

Brunson had 4 turnovers, but he knows how to score. Cam and RJ both scored late layups. Brunson scored 25 and dished out 8. In terms of effect, Cam Reddish and Immanuel Quickley were better than Brunson tonight. The Jazz pass well, but the Knicks struggle with it. IQ and Cam have the length and toughness to make Utah pay for bad passes. Cam shot 7-13 for 19 points after a slow start. Malik Beasley shot two threes in a row to increase the Jazz lead to seven, then Cam nailed a three in Beasley’s eye. IQ is the Knicks’ top defender. Is. • RJ Barrett is reportedly unwell with a non-COVID ailment. He shot poorly (5-11) especially at the line (8-14). If he’s unwell, let him rest in Denver on Wednesday.

• Obi Toppin is currently shooting 3-4 from three. Seasonally, he’s shooting 42.4%. Preposterous.

• Randle was present tonight, an improvement. The day prior, he called a players-only meeting. ISwearImNotJamesDolan suggested the players eat together more regularly if this is the consequence.

Quentin Grimes gets no time. Hopefully this is simply Thibs strangeness and not foot problems.

Can the Knicks win in Denver after 20 years? We’ll see.

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