Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant adores the Knicks.

Kevin Durant was always going to leave the Warriors in summer 2019. Durant won two titles and was awarded Finals MVP in both series after arriving in the Bay Area in 2016. Durant wanted to prove he didn’t need Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, so he went to New York.

Durant’s interest in New York was the NBA’s worst-kept secret throughout his Warriors tenure. Much conjecture around him and Irving joining the Knicks. Instead, KD and Kyrie headed to the Nets, where they’ve spent four star-crossed years with manufactured drama. While the Nets have been a letdown since signing the celebrity buddies, Durant still likes tearing the Knicks’ heart out.

Durant helped the Nets beat the Knicks 112-85 on Wednesday. KD had 29 points, 12 assists, and 12 rebounds. His 17th triple-double. Full highlights here:

Without Irving, the Nets’ offence was concentrated on Durant, who played probably his greatest game of the season. I’ve never seen Durant pass the ball better — whipping skips to the corner, dropping smooth pocket passes in the lane, and always finding the open cutter in the double game. Durant’s shotmaking was also great. Cameron Reddish’s task must have been terrible.

It’s fun to watch Durant beat the Knicks. Durant gave Knicks supporters the thumbs-down before the game. Julius Randle gave his supporters the thumbs down last season.

Posting and Toasting is affected. Joe Flynn said after the game that the Knicks won’t win the Nets with Kevin Durant. Acceptance The Nets’ off-court problems don’t matter to Durant. He loves insulting Knicks fans. He was naive to think New York fans would accept him with the Nets. He grew bitter when that didn’t happen. Since then, he’s targeted the Knicks.

Nets and Knicks are both mediocre. The Knicks are doing their best, but simply making the playoffs would be a good season for them. The Nets were the title favourites last year but were swept in the first round, and they were the league’s greatest wildcard this season. The Irving controversy and Steven Nash dismissal have dominated attention so far.

The Nets have Durant, thus they’re ahead of their opponents. KD controls NYC for now. Since forever.

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