Kanye West and 'Wife' Bianca Censori Ripped for Outrageous Sunday Service Clothes

Kanye West and ‘Wife’ Bianca Censori Ripped for Outrageous Sunday Service Clothes

Over the weekend, several social media users were perplexed by the disgraced rapper previously known as Kanye West and his rumoured new “wife” Bianca Censori’s concept of Sunday best.

Ye and Censori, who purportedly “married” in a non-legally binding ceremony in January, were pictured on Sunday afternoon outside a church service in Los Angeles. The rapper’s apparent favourite new style was a black T-shirt loaded with shoulder pads branded with the German term for “police” and what seemed to be sole-less sock sneakers.

Censori’s outfit, on the other hand, was possibly much stranger. She looked to be wearing a black full-body stocking that encompassed her arms and head, as well as a big ring of black cloth around the lower part of her face and shoulders. Ye was even seen fiddling with the cloth concealing Censori’s face, probably since the dress prevented her the essential freedom of movement to do it herself.

She was certainly not alone in her struggle with her unique attire. “Not to be rude, but I know she gotta be SICK that Kim K got all the good clothes and she’s walking around in a broken black condom,” one user responded to the photo on Twitter.

“Kanye West and wife Bianca are living ahead of our time,” said another Twitter user. “They are already dressed in the manner in which earth citizens will be forced to dress when aliens from UFOs impose a dress code on all earth humans.”

Someone person wondered whether Censori was “wearing a trash can,” while another remarked the appearance might be termed “condom couture.” Several individuals were so taken by the costumes that they concluded the photographs were manufactured by artificial intelligence.

A Reddit post on the costumes titled “What on earth is happening here?” was also packed with puzzled replies. “Today was not the day I wanted to see what Kanye looked like in leggings,” said one commenter. Another speculated that the rapper had worn his ex-wife’s Skims shapewear while Censori was enveloped in a “cocoon of sadness.”

Despite the mocking, others saw a positive to the unusual fashion choices. “When you think all is lost, let this be an inspiration that you’re not ALONE!” one person said on Twitter.

Getting chastised online for his attire is perhaps the least of Ye’s worries right now. He is also facing legal action from former instructors at Donda Academy, the private Christian school he founded, and reports surfacing from his long-shot presidential campaign in 2024 depict a picture of disarray and nasty infighting.

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