Justin Verlander

After Justin Verlander’s Astros win the World Series, Kate Upton shows up on the Fox set

No one was happier than Kate Upton, Justin Verlander’s wife, about the Astros’ World Series victory on Saturday.

Verlander visited the Fox studio shortly after Houston won the World Series by defeating the Philadelphia Phillies 4-1 in Game 6. There, he chatted with Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Kevin Burkhardt, and Frank Thomas. Upton, 30, made a surprise appearance as she rejoiced with Verlander, 39, and the couple’s 3-year-old daughter, Genevieve, as the postgame Q&A got begun.

Upton remarked during the show, “I enjoy seeing my husband do what he likes to do,” adding, “A-plus cheering.”

Verlander, a two-time Cy Young Award winner who missed the 2021 season due to Tommy John surgery, returned to the mound in April. Upton went into more detail on what this historic journey has meant to the family.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit star said, “It’s such a fantastic experience, I mean, having Justin home, and being able to be together as a family is so amazing, and then to go to the exact extreme, and be here at the World Series… it’s just so thrilling.”

The Astros won their second World Series championship in the previous six years with their victory against the Phillies on Saturday. In 2017, the same year that Verlander wed Upton in Italy, they won their final pennant.

Verlander referred to Upton and their daughter as “my crew.” “These two helped me get by it.”

At Minute Maid Park in Houston, Upton, who has supported the Astros throughout their postseason run, also kissed Verlander on the field.

For Upton and Verlander, who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary on Friday, it has been an extraordinary week.

“5 years down… a lifetime to go! Life with you is never boring. You have my undying love, Justin. She exclaimed, “Happy Anniversary!” on Instagram.

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